“A prisoner of the apes


Lives in Sweden currently faring is Mrs. Eva Sulman (Eva Sohlman). Does the writing ostropoliticheskie Wikipedia in different democratic media, and lately very interested in Crimea. Goes to visit, haunting the cities and villages, and the results of business trips of tours writes an interesting travelogue. For example, the following text: In the Crimea come back kings. The theme of the Crimea and all sorts of different monarchs, to be honest, I found these so often that it should not be neglected. What is singing his song lady Sulman?
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With the knowledge Day!

It was nice today to go outside. Go and meet you dressed children with bouquets of flowers and with undisguised joy on their faces. They are clearly waiting for something. September 1 – the day of great expectations… a Day of knowledge!
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How I became a Communist.

In this text I want to share one story. There are stories about people, is about things that I’m talking about a philosophical thought, which was a decisive ideological influence that I became a Communist. I would like to share how I “come yeah such a life”. Someone will laugh, someone is going to sound crazy, but someone will compare his way of becoming. The laughing and the “wild” of little interest to me, this post is for those who compare with his. So:
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About Ministry of education Vasilyev, first estimations

August 19 became known that the new Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation instead of Dmitry Livanov will be Olga Vasilyeva, Deputy Directorate for public works projects of the presidential Administrationhttp://kremlin.ru/acts/news/52733)
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Science is silent…

Originally posted by taisya_2121 at the MOMENT of TRUTH-2: ENGINEERING EXCAVATIONS IN MOSCOW

Unknown Empire

Original taken from koparev in the Unknown Empire

Original taken from koparev in the Unknown Empire


Tsarist Russia in the XIII – XVIII centuries. was a great Empire, its wealth and power surpassing all other countries.

In 1719, Andrey Konstantinovich Nartov was sent to London to familiarize themselves with British equipment and for the invitation English masters. From London Nartov wrote to the King that in England the masters, which could exceed Russian masters, no. Nartov visited Paris. There he shared some of the secrets of the lathe business with the Duke of Orleans, who considered himself a Turner fan, but all the secrets fully reveal he was not going to.
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