Crimea and “wrong” Tatars or wrong the authorities in Kiev.

Mustafa Dzhemilev said that the participants of energoblok do not consider it necessary to resume the supply of electricity to the Peninsula.
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The largest opening of archaeology of the twentieth century. Boycott


foto-039The black stones IKI

The ancient history of mankind covering a very long period of preliterate history, remains to this day, in fact, terra incognita. Only in textbooks and review papers, where multiple pages can be placed throughout this period of world history, he appears in the form of a reasonably clear and consistent picture. But “draw a picture” is not so difficult. And what this “picture” is easier, the easier it fits into the framework of the existing scientific paradigm.

foto-0591However, to date, has accumulated a huge amount of archaeological evidence that in the truest sense of the word “do not climb in any frameworks”, when it comes to existing theory of human development. But academic science there are several simple and effective techniques, simply cutting of such “inconvenient” data.

When talking about an ancient artifact, it is easiest to declare the forgery, supported by the prosecution the names of several scientific authorities. When this technique for any reason fails, use the second method – the boycott. In other words, the scientific community simply ignores the presence of archaeological evidence, inexplicable from the point of view of existing theories or contradict them.

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The sun can not burn is not fire wood

солнцеNAUCA cannot give a picture of the universe is not its function, and what speaks published below the article.

Prologue from the editor

Science hundreds of years of studying the nature of heat did not even respond to a simple question: is there a calorie! Molecular-kinetic theory of heat, tectum a fever as increased energy of particles of the body. But that leads to povysheni of the energy? The collision between the particles? But, in this case heat is transferred through a vacuum? The fact that a heated body does not gaining weight is not the argument: not all bodies are attracted to the magnet, not the fact that the Law of Gravity is fair for all matter, particularly for caloric.

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Rus throws US into a panic

Original taken from nyka_huldra in “Rus” throws US into a panic

“Everywhere the Russians ass,” say the people, who did not make it through life. “Backward country. Well, nothing a” – pronounce uneducated. “Here “they” there, behind the hill, Yes… But what? All is lost!”, – complain envious. “All looted Yes pilfered. Nothing left,” the other repeated, Yes I glance around, eyeing to grab, Yes to push to the left.
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The fed lit a fuse shale bombs

image (1)

Predictions continue to come true. Ukraine became a full-fledged default — Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk declared that the Cabinet introduces a moratorium on the payment of Russian debt. Pile up Mr. Yatsenyuk imposed a moratorium for half a billion dollars, which two Ukrainian companies to Russian banks should have been:
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