The formation of hydrocarbons

Evgeniy Philippov wrote:

…about the Genesis of hydrocarbons, methane and oil

“Vitaly fleed, head of the Department of physical chemistry, Moscow Institute of fine chemical technology. M. V. Lomonosov, doctor of chemical Sciences:“In several countries — the U.S., Japan, us Troitsk — built setup for simulation of the formation of hydrocarbons from carbonates and water in the presence of bivalent iron. If you mix calcium carbonate or magnesium with a solution of iron salts and heat at high pressure, as shown by our study, totally reliable formation of hydrocarbons. At least methane. This gas from beneath the Earth through channels in the rocks comes to the surface in the direction of motion undergoing various reactions to form heavier hydrocarbons. That is oil.”A friend writes: “I think everything is already understood that this is nonsense — what about the remains of ancient animals”
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Oil would go to $ 100

If Riyadh will start a war with Tehran

Oil quotes are the most popular tool for speculation. Western hedge funds, investment companies together put on the rising cost of hydrocarbons. Russian experts do not share this optimism. According to them, the quotes will fly only in one case — if the war between the Saudis and Iranians.
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In new York at the session of the UN Commission hosted the presentation of the application of Russia to the Arctic shelf

Russia submitted to the UN Commission finalized a proposal for the extension of the boundaries of the Arctic shelf. The presentation took place in new York. The land claimed by our country, covers a huge area, perspective from the point of view of the strip transport routes and presumably rich in hydrocarbons. Claims of Russia on the shelf supported by many years of research

Jeanne Agalakova
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Ecosocialism. That announced in Paris

Give only fragments. The key in my opinion. Reviews

Original taken from novayagazeta in Ecosocialista against Russia


…to seek the withdrawal of the representatives of energy giants from climate talks

Ie: the giants take the responsibility for unpopular decisions, ordered the giants. Otherwise – does not happen.
…development of municipal energy according to the principle of public and environmental safety rather than efficiency and profits.
Ie: someone is seriously concerned about energy EFFICIENCY. Because in fact, the giants only threat she
…a halt to the construction of any new infrastructure projects associated with the delivery of hydrocarbons.
Ie: anyone who already in fact, cut off ALL perspective competitors and get monopoly. Otherwise – no
…American port cities began to prohibit the passage of oil and coal through their infrastructure.
Ie: the conditions for the inevitable price escalation of hydrocarbons. Otherwise – no
…pension funds in developed countries… make decisions about the failure to invest in the assets of the oil corporations.
Ie: tools-there will be, but socially significant funds will be deprived of leverage over the most basic – energy

SUMMARIZING the REVIEW: in a strange way socialism always takes the role of the goat-provoker

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