Theoretically possible space mega structure

Perhaps the bulk of science fiction for all time of its existence — since the “Flight to the moon direct in 97 hours and 20 minutes” by Jules Verne — one way or another operates the Grand products of the scientific-engineering thoughts. With the development progress expanded the boundaries of imagination of scientists and writers, and today in science fiction and fantasy literature already described engineering structures which are in scale and audacity of the plan deserve the term “mega structure”. We decided to collect a kind of the rating of such structures. With some of them you already know, and some will be new.
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Again two deputies and senators?

For example, Putin won’t sign the laws. And then what to do with its authors and senators, that such a prank was decided for all of us to arrange, spit on the opinion of the public? What to do with it Krasheninnikov, with his sick imagination that gave birth to light this stuff? Nothing? Great live! GD and SF is that kindergarten, work on the bugs, which are responsible for do to the President?
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Version. Out of body travel are not hallucinations.

Original taken from michael101063 in Out of body travel are not hallucinations.

Robert Monroe – known American researcher of out of body travel wrote about his unique experience in this field three interesting book – “journeys out of the body”, “Far journeys” and “Ultimate journey”. Over 20 years he used a unique out-of-body practice that allows him to travel in the “subtle body” in space and time, and in our parallel realities.
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