Is it possible to track the signal of the radio? History and modernity of the question

Almost all the forums devoted to radio, periodically the question arises whether it is possible zapelengovat a working radio. The most “advanced”, who still remembers the basics of physics, the answer is that it is possible because the receiver has a local oscillator that radiates, others say that is impossible. The question was relevant 30 years ago, when people secretly listened to “voices”, but now you can hear horror stories about that if you configure the receiver on the “militia wave”, the owner immediately come.

So can we or not? Try to understand and experiment.
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Antiquity and the Great geographical discoveries

was this the almanac of Science and peace and in the issue for the end of the 70 years I’ve read a note about that on the Gulf of Mexico found the whole amphora drevneishih coins and jewelry and Roman, ukrasheniya also found in godforsaken Polynesia among the ruins of buildings which zatepleny in connection with the lowering of the shore

Such evidence quite a lot. Working version: new land began to open in antiquity, then, was a disaster and break and then the earth began to rediscover and perekrashivat anew, and the value of the representatives of the new era were already other: local churches for they are not built, and immediately set about draining resources.

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How I spent my summer.

Original taken from lev_sharansky2 in How I spent my summer.

Woke up late afternoon. Opened Twitter, flipped the ribbon, in Bulk, Baronova, Varlamov, Belanova, Germline and Ukrainian euroblogger made chetye retweet and five likes. Then I started Facebook, read fresh posts Shenderovich, Arkady Babchenko and Anton Gerashchenko, likno seven posts, repostnul Sasha Sotnik. Brewed fresh espresso, croissants and immediately posted it to my instagram. Wearing (and not wearing!) fashionable sweatshirt and jeans with podvorotni jacket with bow tie and checkered shirt, did the obligatory selfie, which also quickly posted to instagram. Got fifteen likes on a photo with espresso in the morning is definitely a success. Took out of the closet your gyrometer and stick for selfie with fan. Combed beard and mustache, and began to choose what shoes to wear oxfords or desert boots. Eventually settled on the sneakers – they fit perfectly to my chinos. Before leaving do not forget to smear sunscreen so as not to burn in the sun. In the Elevator not without lifelike, which was immediately posted in indiagram. It certainly wasn’t fair, but on the threshold of her house, checked in at foursquare.

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Return late in the night, all the sidewalks, the Parking lot crammed with cars. I cut circles around the house, but all in vain, 3am, everyone is sleeping. Maybe I’m one of the nerds don’t sleep. Why stop and look in Windows, one of them ignited. Kitchen. Eat man stood up. Surely now rummaging in the fridge, sacko scratches and yawns. Okay, I’ll go into the neighboring yard, there may be places to eat, I go to the Avenue and dive into the next yard. There is also all Packed, but in one of the corners near the boiler room, I find a place. Wildly squirm, but all that is pushed in the narrow space. The driver’s door is locked, I do not like the thought. Over in the other seat and get out of the car. Close it, and walk down a dark street, the lights Shine through one as if on Feng Shui and then close itself, notice the guy that prints painted on the asphalt.

– Nice fit I am evaluating the entry, “I love you, Nadya!” – It bred a perfect smooth handwriting.
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Clear, understandable, reasonable, balanced

Original taken from chervonec_001 in Clear, understandable, sensible and balanced manner

It is this (in the headline), my opinion from today’s Putin’s speech

The President presented awards to distinguished servicemen in Syria Russia
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