Venezuela. The turnout of voters.

While in Venezuela there is a counting of votes, look at the first available indicator of voter turnout released by the National electoral Council (CNE), which, indeed, shows that Venezuelans are extremely responsible attitude to these elections:
According to data from the CNE, the turnout of the election was 74,25%. This is a very high figure. For all modern history of elections (since 1998) is the third indicator. Record were the presidential elections of October 2012 and April 2013. At first defeated Chavez (alas, the last time), the second with a minimum gap Maduro. In the first case, the turnout was as much as 80 percent, the second – 79. So, people came to vote.

Apathy and inertia is not, the Venezuelans realize how important the issue is solved by them today. Who exactly has come – the supporters of the opposition or the government (but Venezuelan society is divided approximately in half) – is difficult to say. Clearly, in the mass order come those and those. The opposition – to take revenge, cavity – to preserve the gains of the Bolivarian revolution.
But in General, high voter turnout ceteris paribus more favorable power. First, it minimizes the possibility to accuse of falsification, which clearly will go to the opposition in case of loss. Secondly, if cavity realized and came to the polls, that is, “in full strength” (Maduro repeatedly said that sort need 10 million votes to secure a win), the chances of winning are greatly increased.
Waiting for the outcome of the vote.

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