Glazyev: we need large scale nationalization

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Renowned economist and Advisor to the President of Russia Sergey Glazyev told about who produces the speculative attack on the Russian national currency and how to deal with it.

According to Sergey Glazyev, a modern banking system of Russia not fulfilling the role of “the circulatory system of the economy”. He explained that the need to make the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to stop “the Orgy of currency”.
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Banks – the weakest link

Have You ever heard the speech of Mr. Kostin A. L. the forum “VTB Capital” “Russia calls”? Surprisingly, he pronounced a monstrous sentence that for small and medium businesses should not help credits. And worldwide small and medium business is the main factor in the development of the country. He claimed on this forum that the crisis in Russia. Then he did not lie. Even in such a difficult period, the bankers continue to fatten. Fortunately not all. Here Mr. German Gref believes the opposite, and will do its utmost to support small and medium businesses. Why?