Flower, answer me!

V. N. Pushkin, “Knowledge is power”, N. 11, 1972.

To begin, perhaps the best, with a detective story. It told the world the American criminologist Baxter. Was the killer and the victim. Was the fact of death. And even witnesses of crimes were. Fortunately, in this murder as the victim did not appear. The killer deprived of life… the shrimp. Narrated by Baxter story contains a description of the model of the crime and not the crime itself. But that does not make it any less interesting. Continue reading “Flower, answer me!”

A glass of water

In our country democracy, so in the next few hours should be published video ugly scene throwing cups at the meeting of the Council of reforms in the presidential Administration. We have, in the end, a free country or what?! Why hot announcements from the public, civil society activists and office plankton hide the details of a brawl between the Governor of the Odessa region Michael Saakashvili and Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov?
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A weather vane shows the wind is changing

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In the modern world to ban any content it is unreal. Especially if it initially “untwisted” in the information space. Information can still get to those little bit wants onkemetse with her. Or who is obliged to read or work.
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There is strong doubt that there is a demand for this information balance, i.e. the query true. Jingo rejoice in their own way. Westerners – are waiting in the wings and rejoice in his inevitable (as they think). And The Country? Preparing for the conversation with Putin and the New Year with its waste. It would not be among the foolish virgins of the gospel parable of the Savior.
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Ankara and tel Aviv on the threshold of a historical transaction, Moscow, Tehran and Yerevan have worried


Israel and Turkey have reached a preliminary agreement on the restoration of diplomatic ties. According to Reuters, the agreement also includes the return of ambassadors from both countries. According to information, agreement on diplomatic détente was reached at a meeting in Switzerland.
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