The most dangerous Olympic sport

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Make your body to do something beyond human capabilities — a constant path to serious injury. Even the Olympics where the best athletes of the planet, conduct our sad statistics. Recently, Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan broke his elbow, trying to take too heavy weight and this is just one of many such cases. Sport, of course, necessary for each person, but not the same price!

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The state Duma-VI: shit and go

Listen to the radio “Salt” with the participation of Mary Mamikonyan and Olga Vinogradova. Amazed by the results of the work of the state Duma 6-th convocation. The representatives of the people, managed to create problems for his people for many areas:
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Lesson for Kozlov, who believed in its uniqueness

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Unexpected news came from Primorye. Apparently, the story of the Amur tiger and the goat Timur is coming to an end.

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These Russian kids don’t give up

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Media reported that in Kaliningrad the Park was filled with sand free slide. However, in reality it continues to operate, ride on a paid coerce no one. These Russian children are riding right on the sand. And well feel.

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