Doping scandal, sanctions, NATO expansion, all red herrings.

The beneficiaries of the process are preparing a Maidan anywhere, USA or England is no exception. “Controlled chaos” translate into uncontrollable chaos. The Chow will soon cease to deliver in cities, which are home to 90% of the population. Then the townspeople will go to Rob those who live in the villages and like it comes in a whisker does not blow: it was already run-in we have in the 90’s, when the townspeople attacked the village and slaughtered cattle. Giving it to you to close the locks – still hungry will break.

Why? Well, speak clearly, openly – 90% of the population is superfluous.
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About the offense. Tale

— The offense is so small and very cute little animal. In appearance it is quite harmless. And if to handle it properly, you damage it you will not. Resentment, if not try to settle in his house, lived well on the outside and never touches it. But all attempts to take over the Offense, to make her his, always ends in tears…

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Acer Predator 15: when the game is worth the candle

Gaming laptops (those that do are somehow imprisoned in the game, and are not a universal multimedia-household models) are now experiencing not the best time. On the one hand, the world of PC iron the last 2 generations have been in relative stagnation. On the other… casual players have otbirali just multimediawiki (and fu-fu-fu console), and hardcore gamers laptops is usually small.

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Zhangjiajie national Park or Avatar reality

Original taken from mariovel in national Park Zhangjiajie or “Avatar” in reality

Original taken from masterok in national Park Zhangjiajie or “Avatar” in reality

Remember a place called Pandora, with its fabulous mountains from the movie “Avatar” James Cameron? Turns out she actually exists and all the sketches for the film was done here in the Park Zhangjiajie (Zhangjiajie National Forest Park 湖南张家界国家森林公园).Of course,there are the soaring cliffs and waterfalls, unusual,alien creatures, or an unusual animal from a movie you will not meet,but these stunning landscapes for a long time will crash into your memory and the photos will impress friends and acquaintances.,
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NASA will arrange a controlled fire in space aboard Cygnus

How strange it may sound, but NASA really going to start a fire in space. This move is on a space ship Cygnus. Naturally, scientists and engineers plan something like this not for fun and not for show (although the show gets anyway). Arson is necessary in order to study the dynamics of fire in the space ship in outer space.
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