The future of “left turn” in Latin America (research report)

In July of this year, spoke at the conference of European latinamericanists in Salamanca (Spain). Decided to dedicate the theme of his speech to the prospects of Latin American integration and in General “left turn”. Fellow latinoamericanos consider it insane to talk about the future of the leftist governments at a time when the region takes place and in full swing there is a shift to the right. But I think at the time. The owl of Minerva flies at midnight, on the way out of the impasse at the time to think when the maze seems hopeless. Here is the full text of the report at the conference.
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NooLite wireless equipment and Smart home (part 2). Arduino Mega Server


So, go to the second part of our story about the integration of wireless control nooLite in home automation systems. And in this part we will talk about the control module nooLite MT1132 and its integration into the popular Arduino Mega Server. This expands the (already very advanced) capabilities AMS wireless control lights and appliances in your Smart home.
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Communications Minister: Russia does not want a domestic OS, but really need programmers

During the Gaidar forum the Minister of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov said that Russia now does not need the domestic operating system, writes the news Agency “Moscow”.

“Don’t need no Russian operating systems, about which so like to ask the journalists. We need global projects, we need some integration, at least with our colleagues in the BRICS bloc. And see our mission in Ministry is to create such conditions and to implement such projects of global integration, market diversification and break Russia in these global markets,” the Minister said.
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The main characters of “import substitution”. The Minister of communications of the Russian Federation: “no Russian operating system”