from Cat mochi – mad about the FTI against the Patriarch and our cerkvi

Tack…Vasilisa Jude, sitting up in ambush, against the Patriarch and our Church . In principle this was to be expected, just this new rage is interesting in that : a joint attack with attack westukraine mastotermes and westberry, attack joint attack with tinted myshow, the attack on the part of those who yesterday was quite normal Orthodox in disguise…although of course Chetverikova recently started to show the signs that she was sickened in favor of misov, but I like a cat. always trust the best in such cases and wait until the last…and this “last” yesterday has come.
Ascensor broke out. Aunty opustilsya to the direct insult of the Patriarch, the aunt sterile and tore apart…which only proves the importance of the Memorandum. Well,at myshow Bida, Bida terrible, I’m vchira wrote about just a few people now aware of how big this bid, well, that’s the extent bids can be assessed by hysterical vselenskoe…

A thousand years our Church stickin, a thousand years weave plots and predict the betrayal.
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Toynbee on the intelligentsia

интеллигент Владимир Луков

Comrades continue to break down the adventures of the Orthodox wing of the Russian liberal intelligentsia. Here tov. pozharny got to revealing replicas of some of the regular site (the link will not give me back the provider is not allowed) — Vladimir Lukov.
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