Proven: computers with Ubuntu Linux break less the same with Windows

3 years ago the French gendarmerie switched to Ubuntu. It is time to take stock. That gave migration 37 000 computers from Windows to Linux and did anything at all? From the official report of the Ministry of internal Affairs of France.

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Modern Ukrainian art… or pseudocyst?

Revolution creates revolutionary (i.e. progressive) art. Pseudo generates pseudocyst (that is decadence, decadence). Get closer to the creature, set in Kiev. Try to understand, is it art or pseudocyst?
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And today is the birthday of Vyacheslav Volodina!

First Deputy Head of presidential administration of Russia, the curator of internal policy.

BBB ( as he called colleagues) also appears to be Aquarius!

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Bakhtin in the history of psycho

With interest continuing to study the book of Valery Oleshkevich “History psycho”. The book is liberally scattered around the Internet, I personally prefer the decorated version

For example, the 5th Chapter of the book “the Problem of learning and reinforcement in other psycho-techniques” contains short reviews of Gestalt psychology, developments of Lewin, Vygotsky, Bakhtin and Bernstein.
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Computers learned to play “Go”

Google blog gleefully reportedthat the computer system AlfaGo beat current triple champion of Europe Fan Hui in the game “go” with the score 5:0. In March 2016 happy developers wish to challenge the legendary player Lee Cedola.
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