With the knowledge Day!

It was nice today to go outside. Go and meet you dressed children with bouquets of flowers and with undisguised joy on their faces. They are clearly waiting for something. September 1 – the day of great expectations… a Day of knowledge!
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Historical revisionism (Franz.)

A separate article in the French wiki there is a small subsection of revisionism as a phenomenon

For historians, revisionism is a term without any special connotation which means a critical approach to rationally revise certain accepted views of history, or the General public (mostly), or even professional historians, laymen of the period or a particular field of expertise. It is based on receiving new information, a review of sources and offers a new interpretation of history .

As has been said by Comte , history is fundamentally ambiguous discipline, where the interpretation of historical reality one has to deal with the truths of his time, the historian being called to expect the speech to him by his contemporaries, his company, in accordance with the prejudices of his time, his people, facilities, etc. a Vivid example is reported by Vidal-Nacka , it is the work of Michelet , the French construction of the eternal homeland, through the romantic reader (and sometimes romantic) historical facts. Therefore, every historian should be as “revisionist”. New materials, new sources, removing political barriers, ideological, sociological, etc., allowing him to reconsider and to lead with new vision, new information, new sources, additional elements in the design of the Story.
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Computers learned to play “Go”

Google blog gleefully reportedthat the computer system AlfaGo beat current triple champion of Europe Fan Hui in the game “go” with the score 5:0. In March 2016 happy developers wish to challenge the legendary player Lee Cedola.
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