[Translation] the Story of the supernova of fireworks in our Galaxy!

When I convinced myself that no star of this type has not previously been shining, I was in such perplexity because of the incident that began to doubt in their own eyes.

Tycho Brahe

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The gas turbine is returned?

Original taken from detonator666 in a Gas turbine is returned?

Sixty-five years ago, the United States has begun trial operation of a truck tractor Kenworth 500 series. It was a gas turbine engine, and the tests took place in the framework of the joint project of Kenworth Trucks and Boeing. The engine is 175 HP, but weighed only 90 kg! The train made several commercial flights between Seattle and Los Angeles (≈1,850 km), but, alas (and other observations): extra urban fuel consumption reached to 240 l/100 km! However…

From past to future and back…

Øaeropoezd of the Soviet Union

History of technology is inexhaustible. Especially impressive are those chapters that are associated with inventions, did not go into production. Or almost gone. Flight of design thought seems particularly lush from a distance of 80 years. Meet sharopoezd, I almost turned the idea of rail in the USSR in 30-ies!

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