Lend a hand to the Sunni world


In July this year will begin construction of the important object – of the pipeline in Pakistan. The line length of 1.1 thousand km will connect the terminals for liquefied natural gas in the port city of Karachi in southern Pakistan city of Lahore in the North of the country. Pakistan (population 180 million) is the second country in the world largest Muslim population and second largest Sunni Muslims. 96 % of the population is Muslims, including 91 % of Sunnis. Therefore, to overestimate the importance for Russia of this project is impossible.
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The raw horror of the town. Iran warned on Monday it may bring down oil prices

Original taken from kiberbob2000 in Iran warned on Monday it may bring down oil prices

Country where do not steal. How is this possible?

Original taken from aquatek_filips in the Country, do not steal. How is this possible?

When I say this, many people don’t believe me: how can it be that not stealing? It does not happen, everywhere steal.

Happen. And the recipe is simple…
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Minus the twenty-first century humanism


You can name all the Russian media of “collective Kiselev”. You can laugh at the unprecedented openness of the conferences of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the situation in the middle East, and, in particular, about the situation with Turkey, buy a stolen in Syria and Iraq oil. You can continue to laugh at the intellectuals, are increasingly speaking that together with the radical Sunni Islamism in the twenty-first century comes into the world the new archaic, the new middle ages.
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The queue for humanitarian “Calibers” is growing

кемп букка

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the government of Libya in Tripoli Ali Abu Sacuk said that the country may turn to Moscow with a request for air strikes on positions of grouping “Islamic state”, which is now, according to some, captures Libyan land.
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