15 APR 2014


In the course of archaeological excavations of ancient tombs near the Japanese city of Nagaoka, near Kyoto, in the ancient burial hill V century ad members of the Research Institute of objects of cultural values of the Japanese city of Nara was discovered small pieces of glass beads yellow colors that were previously part of the women’s jewelry.

Unexpected Chekhov

The idol of our intellectuals Anton Chekhov was an active slag. Loved this case and artilleriiskii officer Leo Tolstoy. Fun living poet Pushkin even the list led their copulations.

But the real, artistic and beautiful book about love created in the Russian literature only Ivan Bunin. This “Dark alleys”. Tolstoy has poisoned your experience of moralizing in “Anna Karenina” and “Resurrection.” But the Czechs kept silent, sterile “the lady with the dog doesn’t count”…
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Memorial Mannerheim: an analogue statue of Truman in Hiroshima.

What can be compared to the installation in the Leningrad memorial plaque Mannerheim? The examples suggest themselves. And what is it? Neoplasia sauce kvazipatriotizm? Yes what kind of patriotism can be discussed here, even with the prefix “quasi”…
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Footy news… Cats will save the World!

Original taken from napoleon_6 in the Series about cat. Well, a little about the samurai.

Original taken from napoleon_6 in the Series about cat. Well, a little about the samurai.

Lived-there was a samurai by the name of Madarame Kyutaro, and was nicknamed — “Spotted Demon”. Excellent swordsman and famous all over the province of Kaga, the master of the sword style “Muso”. But the trouble is, what “was”. Some time ago, a samurai of Madarame Kyutaro were left without work and became for that reason simple ronin. After this sad event, leaving behind a wife and daughter, he went on a long journey in search of a new host and a new salary.
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Pellets of explosives

Original taken from analitic into Pellets of explosives


The HMX is a powerful explosive often used as detonators for nuclear weapons or rocket fuel. During the Second world war, Chinese guerrillas fought the Japanese invaders, and they needed to find a way discreet transportation of explosives for blasting Japanese fortifications and military units. The Chinese invented a simple and ingenious method: mixing the mixture with flour. What happened, looked directly as flour and does not look like explosives.
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“Behavioural sink” was renamed to “celibacy Syndrome”

Now, working on a story in which I seek solutions to problems “Behavioural sink”, came across an article where this problem is called “celibacy Syndrome”.
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