But if without jokes: what are the dangers of raw food diet

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Сыроедение - это не диета, а определенная система питания. Почему все больше людей становятся ее приверженцами и говорят о пользе сыроедения для здоровья?

All write about why it is necessary to go on a raw food diet. And I will write why not! :))))
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Justice in Finland

protecting your home from burglars migrants, the host received much more time and fines than the robbers

Three refugees, among whom was a woman, armed with guns and baseball bats, broke into the city of Hyvinkää in the house of a local resident with robbery. At this time in the living room there was only one man. In self-defense he was forced to use a kitchen knife, reports the Finnish newspaper Verkkouutiset.
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Khovansky inspired.

Summer. The streets are empty, the smell of wet asphalt, which leaves a sprinkler, and greens. I’m going off shift, satisfied, already drunk, waiting for a nice weekend in the company of brunettes, blondes, and possibly some red beast. In which the pocket begins to vibrate the phone while he figured out which of the three pipes, rings, all was quiet. I looked at the screens – missed: Serge.
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His morning starts off terribly easy. He wakes up half past four in the morning and goes to milk the cow, feed the pig and chickens, and then returns home and prepares Breakfast, while the kids are asleep. When the days are monotonous and mundane, a lot of thought disappear, emotions fly like a spring dust after a long winter. He brews coffee, opens the window and lights a cigarette, watching the street. Monotonous landscape of rural road is diluted only by the change of seasons. He looks into the distance, trying to take in thoughts but they are confused about creating a bunch of downed fragments of cases that are coming today.

In the village work a little, so he has to cling to any business to make money. He has been building and fixing cars, mowing grass, and cut down the old trees and chopping wood. He never refuses and does not shun even the most rough of earnings. To raise three kids it is not just difficult and daunting, especially when the kindergarten was closed and the nearest school is ten miles and all this on roads that are paved under Stalin, and the government just forgot. But despondency and despair is not his way and not his choice, his path is a constant search for solutions, setting goals and their implementation. When behind the wall of sleep children, you just don’t have the right to despair and bad decisions. Your life already belongs to you in full, and no matter what, as if the fate didn’t hit you, you have to drag the cart, the burden of existence.
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In the country fucking useless occupations. But one of the most useless psychologist. I already wrote about psychologists, but then tells the story about a single fuck, which is when fate brought me. My next passion, which is, I, like all the previous fuck booze and partying, I decided that I needed a psychologist. To speak, so to speak, about problems.

– Say it as it is… gave a friend my instructions, looking around at the intersection.
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The most useful tips

Original taken from anton_i_masha in the Most useful tips

This post is another piece of great advice I found on the Internet and copied to your backnot called “utility”. I think that many of you will find interesting 😉 I’m always happy to share something good =)

Here, the brothers not only tips for cooking, but a lot of what is useful in everyday life and unforeseen circumstances.

Cool old house instead of the shed: 35 square meters of continuous comfort

Original taken from slavikap to Cool the house instead of the old shed: 35 square meters of continuous comfort


You know, when manifest all the rotten mean person? It appears when this or that person falls ill. All around, grey and miserable, turns to dark and hopeless. The grim Reaper is coming to you in the black BMW with flashing lights, and doctors, are not in a hurry for your salvation. You feel unwanted and miserable. Yes! And, of course, all around become pederasty and bastards, whom you unhappy, don’t care.

– I’m a Daisy made.
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