The place of teachers in the bourgeois state

The place of teachers in the bourgeois state

What is the teacher in the Soviet Union? It is primarily respect. Respect for the profession and work. The teacher is a guide of the child to the world of knowledge and discovery. This is the person who creates a springboard for the future of the whole country. Scientists, engineers, doctors, policemen, writers, in General, all workers and not only when they were children and went to school. They studied and gained knowledge, in order to serve the society, all of us. Depends on the teacher the most important thing — what will happen to this society, how it will look, what people composed. That is why teachers are so cherished in the Soviet society.
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the resistance of a material

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Only the master can give the guarantee and not 100%.

Manual glass cutting fraught – charted track glass cutter, held a couple of times – but no – a chip off the slicer and went to the side.
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Associate Professor of journalism at Moscow state University: “this year we got aliens”

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I know”, “General” and “through-Chur” — perhaps that is the spelling we see in Newspapers in five years when the current freshmen of faculty of journalism of the Moscow state University will receive their diplomas. Here are the phenomenal results showed collected with the help of the exam students, some of whom are even stabulnieki. As expected, the verification work of new recruits in the universities turned into a scandal. Details told the associate Professor of stylistics of the Russian language Anastasia Nikolaev.

— First-year journalism just written dictation test in Russian. They confirmed the grades received?
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[Sandbox] Submarine in the steppes of Informatics biology

Bioinformatics is rapidly gaining popularity and is transformed from a refuge for the geeks in the well-known well-established discipline. I think most readers Geektimes with confidence can tell that a rabbit is not only a valuable fur and 3-4 kilograms of dietary meat, but also 44 chromosomes, a wide variety of proteins, mechanisms of transcription and translation and what not. I’m also unlikely to surprise anyone if I say that all this is possible to examine and analyse not only standing in a white robe with a microscope in a sterile lab, but lying on the couch with the laptop, sipping something Scottish on the rocks. But that knowledge usually do not go. I decided to try to fix this mistake and make a short tour in bioinformatics looks like from the inside from a practical point of view, based on my experience.

In this article, I will collect the questions that he asked three years ago, when he was still a student of the faculty of mathematics and will try to answer them.
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The planet is in the thrall of the Earth. Past, present and future of the moon

The Slavic name of our natural satellite – the Moon has the same proto-Indo-European roots, and that the Latin Luna. “Louksna”, “bright” the Queen of the night, has always had a strong influence on human consciousness. Phase natural satellite of our planet became the basis of the Terran calendar, and the Moon is the main object of study of person of the space environment at the beginning of the space age. Two dozen expeditions to the Lunar surface, of which 6 were manned, greatly enriched our knowledge about this slave Land. Under the cut is relatively short, the content of our knowledge about the moon accumulated over the past half century.
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