Little things efficiency. Agricultural holding Tkachev taxied to the top of the credits of banks

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Industry reaching design capacity?

“The industry is reaching design capacity, so this year we get six s-400, well, next year, the pace reduce will not” – said the commander in chief of Russian air force Colonel General Viktor Bondarev during the action “contract Service is your choice!”.
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“Mutko” – as you the yacht name…

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Read that already 600 thousand for the acceleration of the football team.

But it seems to me, to disperse not only the national team, and prigrevica and snickering the leadership of the Russian sports.
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Klitschko expects to meet

Long and painful Klitschko out of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, which came, being in a semiconscious state. He said that everyone, not just everyone can become a member. A member of doctors needed to work. He did some things with other tools is impossible to implement. In General, it does not matter. Just the time to remove, that is, to withdraw from the presidential party. Began the process last year, and now the mayor expects to meet his statement in the near future.”
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Erdogan cornered… (4)

Erdogan go will not let the fact! Caught, will be tried and executed! Europe and NATO for it “not fit”. Too much blood and other crimes. The situation can be complicated by “abandoned” by the Islamists in Syria. The angry and hungry can start cutting all in the first place of tourists. (The worst option). All located in Turkey, the recommendation is not to stick out of the nose of the hotels and the first possible flight back to Russia. And, in General, everything was as expected. Too, too, it is the Victory of Ataturk “belittled” and too basely betrayed military leadership that brought him to power… Well, that! Waiting for the “cleansing” of the region, the liberation of Syria and, in the future, the return of Constantinople to Russia…

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The use of combat robots FSB against terrorists in the North Caucasus

Original taken from balbesus in the Application of combat robots FSB against terrorists in the North Caucasus


On the website of the National antiterrorist Committee (NAC) was published news about the next operation to neutralize the bandit underground. Remarkable shots were sliced with operational video, which shows combat robot FSB installed machine (gun) on Board.
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The Communist party, as the eternal mob


Brought it easy again on the website of the Communist party. Some time open it with an internal voltage – what else will dumaut citizens Khoury? And flair did not disappoint. This time the web site contains material for starting an Internet flashmob “Lenin is Alive!”.
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