History lessons: Letter of the Slavs.

Lagenda about the Glagolitic alphabet, Part 1.

Original taken from yar46 in the Legend of the Glagolitic alphabet, Part 1. The letter of the Slavs.

In a previous article flashed the assumption about the authorship of the Glagolitic. Consider the topic in more detail.
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Ancient artifacts, disappeared in the depths of history

In science there is no place for superstition and magic. Throughout history no one scientific question not found any magical solutions, while the reverse happens all the time.

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Geographical discoveries which were not?


Leaving Spain in 1492, Columbus did not mean to discover America — new sea route to India promised huge profits in the spice trade. Many peasant colonizers of Siberia were in the East not for oil or the forest, and from the master and conscription, in belovode, happy country, rumors which agitated the mind and soul of Russian pioneers. The conquistadors to Wade through the jungle, suffering from malaria and dengue fever, in search of the Golden country of El Dorado. Exploring new lands and seas that had to be the travelers believed that the world is still quite a place for the blessed Hyperboreans, and for people with dog heads. Believed that somewhere along the ants are the size of pigs and unicorns. And what is the island, which after a long journey to finally find shelter. There are fed and watered for free and how much you want, no one is persecuted for their faith, even die. Now, when the map seems to be gone spaces, only and remains that to sum up this happy faith in the amazing, never found by anyone, the city and the country.
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Unknown Empire

Original taken from koparev in the Unknown Empire

Original taken from koparev in the Unknown Empire


Tsarist Russia in the XIII – XVIII centuries. was a great Empire, its wealth and power surpassing all other countries.

In 1719, Andrey Konstantinovich Nartov was sent to London to familiarize themselves with British equipment and for the invitation English masters. From London Nartov wrote to the King that in England the masters, which could exceed Russian masters, no. Nartov visited Paris. There he shared some of the secrets of the lathe business with the Duke of Orleans, who considered himself a Turner fan, but all the secrets fully reveal he was not going to.
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On the mutual pride of generations with each other

In Russia the traditional notions of the family was not given the chain of generations to crumble until the end. Peregrev the exuberance of youth, the youth suddenly discovers the ideals of their parents. I can see different young people of different ages. Not all, but many, entering the age of men, suddenly begin to speak on topics and the language, and against whom was directed the liberal propaganda of the last quarter century.
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Mystery arrest Solzhenitsyn

Many writers, who suffered from arrest, prison, exile, left about memories, which, of course, very different not only by circumstances but also by the tone, the emotional coloring.

So Dostoyevsky told of his arrest with an ironic smile: “the Twenty-second or better to say, the twenty-third of April (1849), I returned home an hour in the fourth from Grigorieva, went to bed and immediately fell asleep.
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WikiLeaks has released 300 thousand Turkish documents. Turkey blocked access to the site

Despite the massive DDoS attack, activists, Wikileaks has kept his promise and tonight we published the first 300 000 documents of the Turkish archive ” AKP Emails. It included copies of e-mails members of the ruling party AKP (Party of justice and development), behind the incumbent President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Talks.

The first part of the archive includes the contents 762 mailbox with the letter “A” to the letter “I”, a total of 548 294 texts with thousands of attached files.
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Cyril and Mehdi taught to read and write Russian?

“The Orthodox Church keeps in its history, in its Tradition great names of saints Cyril and Methodius. In a sense, we are the Church of Cyril and Methodius. They went out of enlightened Greco-Roman world, and went to preach the Slavs. And who were the Slavs? This barbarians, people who speak an incomprehensible language, this second-class, almost beasts. And so it went to the enlightened men, brought them the light of Christ’s truth and did something very important — they began to speak with these barbarians in their language, they created the Slavic alphabet, Slavic grammar and translated into the language of the Word of God.”
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Russian Aksenov asked the Germans to help them to resettle in the Crimea

Russian Germans expressed a desire to resettle in the Crimea, because in Germany they don’t feel safe because of the influx of refugees, leading to a rise in crime

Сергей Аксенов. Архивное фото
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