Turns out the Union quality of products was higher?

Питание СССР

The German edition Der Freitag writes that the poor quality of made in Russia food has absolutely nothing to do with any economic crisis, no Western or Russian sanctions.
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Model of structural interactions in modern Russia

In the last transmission “the game” Sergey ye described a model of structural interactions in modern Russia. The main message is that murder, the destruction of the Soviet Union was absolutely Soviet elite with only one purpose – to take over Europe, to create an unprecedented Alliance, a project of colossal power: resources, Russian nuclear weapons and technology in Europe. However, the Soviet Union was destroyed not only their own elites, of course, participated in this USA, and, oddly enough, Soviet society, the Soviet people. After the accident happened with their tacit consent, the full acceptance of what is happening.
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Democracy in Russia always turns into a dictatorship of petty shop-keepers and scoundrels

USSR – secret hidden Russian liberals under the cover of lies

Former Chairman of the KGB of the USSR and General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee since 1982, Yuri Andropov was saying, being the head of the Soviet Union that generations of Soviet people born in 60 – 70s years of the 20th century did not know the country in which they live.
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Dear hanter372 shared an amusing video in which a famous film Director Nikita Mikhalkov introduced his liberal Pro-Western opponents in “full intellectual negligee” (the author’s text SW. hanter372). It seemed to me remarkable method by which Mikhalkov has done with Svanidze and young Director of the Yeltsin centre Dina Sorokina. Haven’t we already seen somewhere…
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Default and the announcement of liberalism

Liberalism as an ideology has very attractive announcement, but as part of a larger system of exploitation of some people by others, contains a silence, denying many of his exhortations, and some of them turns so blindly committed to become docile instruments of those who understand these silences and cleverly uses them to achieve self-serving goals. About the readings and omissions of liberalism our article.

The announcement of liberalism

From the standpoint of liberal beliefs, once formed Protestantism, and later inherited openly atheistic secular culture, the well-being of individuals and families caused solely by their labor. And this applies as representatives of the business community, and those who is not an entrepreneur and employed. The entrepreneur, organizing the enterprise, providing it jobs and salaries are more or less wide circle of people, is the employer, and on the basis of this, it is uncontested represent a benefactor to all employees of the enterprise, because if he did not create jobs, then they would have no livelihood in the historically prevailing social circumstances of their lives.
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To whom the presumption of innocence, and to whom and Vice versa

браудер ходор

Filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov, who directed the film, in which he debunks the version of the international criminal bill Browder about the death in prison of Russian lawyer Magnitsky Browder, received on his head a bucket of shit from brethren in the liberal camp.
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What distinguishes the liberal from liberata?

Recently one of my good friend and colleague, a man of sense, have shared such an interesting dialogue. He asked an extremely aggressive configured to liberals interlocutor: “But you can clearly answer – who is the liberal?” He mumbled something and squeezed it: “a Liberal is… liberast”. Try to understand what the difference is, to continue to not give such stupid answers.
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The Church sees a threat to the traditional family in Russia

The Russian Church establishes a deep malaise in the field of family policy in Russia, such conclusions can be drawn from the results of the meeting of the Patriarchal Commission, which was held March 10 at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.
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Take an oath of the bureaucrat!

To what level of insanity we still have to walk to finally be able to say honestly and openly – liberal ideals, that is to say the interests, not able to produce any transformation of the person, except in the direction of theft and selfishness. Well, not modern liberalism as an ideology to offer something besides consumerism.
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