News of the fighting on the Mannerheim Line.

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Afficher l"image d"origineSupreme court of the Russian Federation has approved my claim for ascertaining a legal fact of Commission during the great Otechestvennoi War in 1941-1944 former Lieutenant General of the Russian army, Gustav Karlovic Mannerheim offence under article 357 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Genocide”, which died of starvation because of the blockade of Leningrad almost a million.

Now we will see if the Supreme Court accomplices of the Nazis and their accomplices or are there still normal people…
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The history of the introduction of epaulettes in Russia

Original taken from alex54sar in the History of the introduction of epaulettes in Russia

6 January 1943 73 years ago in the Soviet Union shoulder boards were introduced for the personnel of the Soviet Army.

The order of people’s Commissar of defense of the USSR No. 25 of 15 January 1943
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Hoisted from the archives

Original taken from napoleon_6 in Racketeers of the Central Council

Modern Ukrainian historians have so for the last ten years a lot of myths. But the only thing which they did not dare to start, the myth associates the Grushevsky street. For if we recognize those people that in 1918 he led as the Chairman of the Central Council, his closest companions, it turns out that the bearded man Hrushevsky – the leader of a gang of racketeers, who organized one of the most daring in the history of Ukrainian crimes – kidnapping for ransom Kiev banker Abram Good.

Here we should digress a little. It is well known that in 1918 the Central Rada in Kiev brought the Germans, knocking out the city’s red gang of the former tsarist Colonel Muravyov. Less well known is that these Germans, unlike their successors in 1941, people were very decent. If the Muravyov red guard shot everyone who had more or less intelligent species and, despite this, took a chance to appear on the street, German army not just anyone in town were shot for the sake of entertainment, but also tried to maintain a normal pre-revolutionary order.
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