06 Aug 2016. Donetsk. News DNR_LNR


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Lugansk. Part 1: the capital necessarily

Lugansk – is quite large (470 thousand inhabitants) and rather industrial town in the Ukraine was known as the most uninteresting, obscure and I would even say mysterious of its regional centers – Kiev it was also known that the Muscovite Magadan. Even more mysterious, he has now become the capital of the unrecognized Luhansk people’s Republic, even in comparison with the Donetsk people’s Republic looks lost world. However, the “uninteresting” of Luhansk, the myth, the fallacy of which I understood back in 2011 when I was here for the first time and held in the Lugansk literally three hours. The story of the city and surrounding areas I have typed as much as 5 parts, and the first station, the color, the government quarter, where I was accredited, and not just small differences from LC DNR.
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