Control the monitor from a script

On a forum I came across one, for me an interesting topic: automatic Wake-up or sending the monitor into standby when falling asleep/waking the machine itself. It will be interesting for those who have a desktop computer or the notebook is connected to external monitor.

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Day Bodybody.

Well, remembering the dead, while living with the device to put…

Any day of the year in the country can compare with the victory Day! This is the most joyful, and at the same time the saddest day in the history of the country. No nation in the World can not, so sad and so happy as Russian. Russian phenomenally know how to remember the victims who died and just gone to the other world. The reason for this lies in the history of the people. We so fiercely defend our history, which, by the way, many don’t know that sometimes it is scary for the mental health of society as a whole. But, opening this history and re-reading, realize and understand that people who never lived humanly, simply, but to die and bury each other, do not know how. Agree, how can you live if you don’t know what will happen tomorrow?
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“Men’s” holiday.

So men may live to see the day of the year when everything is possible! On this day, women are expected to please, to respect, to appreciate, to be on hand to thank the male population. The guy says: I Want vodka! The wife should fly to fly to the store and buy vodka. The guy says: I Want to lie on the couch and spit at the ceiling! The wife must quickly bring water to saliva is not lost, and do not stand out in the zone of fire. Wishes his Majesty the alpha male and handsome, for example, the sauna and the women slutty, and different? Then from zhinkov required? Right! She got slutty girls to pick up, sauna to order and control that the husband was satisfied and happy. But, some ladies consider themselves smarter than the Rabbi of Odessa, so when choosing a gift for men, often suggesting gifts for myself. Women are dangerous and treacherous, their plans always go into the wilds of the unknown, of which the outlet for our men’s consciousness just yet. Therefore, if you are dragged into a jewelry store, ostensibly to buy you cufflinks stands out! While you’re standing, open-mouthed, like a mindless donkey, looking at the chains and cufflinks, as you already throw on earrings and a pendant. Or rather, you already divorced when dragged into jewelry.

– Did you pick? the woman asks the man who looks at showcase.
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