Microsoft deploys surveillance in Windows 7

Surveillance of Windows 10 under the guise of telemetry known to all. People are just happy a new version of Windows and try not to ask too many questions, not to get unpleasant answers. Smarter people stay on Windows 7, but tightly control the updates and efficiently block malware, which Microsoft is trying procreant telemetry and previous versions of Windows. Liberatum already published a list of these malicious updates.

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Microsoft cloud technology has helped to cope with the botnet Dorkbot

Welcome blog readers iСover! In December of this year group on cybercrime, which brings together experts in the Microsoft Cybercrime Center, the Polish Bureau CERT, ESET, FBI, Interpol, Europol and other services of the Computer Emergency Response from several countries held a large-scale operation to neutralize the botnet Win32/Dorkbot, which struck the computers of users in more than 200 countries. In this article you will find a link to a small program from ESET, which will allow you to scan your computer and, if necessary, to remove malware.

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