The good news of communism (2)

Recognition of the injustice of the world is not yet Manifest. About this property built by the people of the world wrote and spoke many thinkers. The Manifesto complements the historicity of injustice the most important discovery. For the first time the oppressed have opportunities and means to overcome the injustice of this world. It is a kind of social gospelwith which to turn the world Communist. And for its realization it is necessary to live and to die.
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The good news of communism (1)

Usually when we take some work, just as the miners extracted from the earth they need rocks, we searched and found discussed in the works of ideas. To transfer such an experience to Manifest is not possible because the gangue in it almost none. Because the only thing that remains is, when reading a document written almost 170 years ago, to compare the text with other and modern realities. I mean that we, the followers and the followers of those ideals, the struggle for which is the subject of the Manifesto, is to compare his worldview with the above in the Manifest.
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20 SMS who could write only women

Original taken from vsegda_tvoj in 20 SMS who could write only women

Women are wonderful, unpredictable and delightful creatures that can surprise even ourselves, to say nothing of the rest of humanity. All the variety a girl’s world is manifested in the TEXTS girls send her friends and foes, men and simply close people.

20 SMS who could write only women. And, you know, they are amazing.
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The world after the Quantum Transition

Мир после Квантового Перехода

I. Global open early 2013

Currently we all go global mutation leading to cosmic consciousness, the highest point of organic evolution. Through the control of thoughts and responsibility for the purity of thought.
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