The groom.

In the life of every woman or girl there comes a time when she wants to get married. But sometimes such a desire women have for a very long time, then come in mom, whining about grandchildren and dads, who tolerate brain mothers, and they are forced to drive daughters married, only to have them rolled back in his old age. Women increasingly build a career, get education, do business, because reliable for us bunch of Cunts, every year less and less. Yes, and universal equality, a constant struggle for women’s rights are doing their job, just sometimes do not even want to mess with another star from the Moscow sky…

She’s beautiful, she’s 35, she sits and looks at me as if rags chooses another or decoration.
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Unexpected Chekhov

The idol of our intellectuals Anton Chekhov was an active slag. Loved this case and artilleriiskii officer Leo Tolstoy. Fun living poet Pushkin even the list led their copulations.

But the real, artistic and beautiful book about love created in the Russian literature only Ivan Bunin. This “Dark alleys”. Tolstoy has poisoned your experience of moralizing in “Anna Karenina” and “Resurrection.” But the Czechs kept silent, sterile “the lady with the dog doesn’t count”…
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The worst thing that can happen in the life of man, acre mother-in-law’s friend’s wife. Married, not married makes zero difference. If pussy married, and the man, more successful than you, you get bashed from his wife for their futility, if not married, you will get bashed because nabanye girlfriend will say, would be goat, better than there! They always know everything best of all, they are the best and friends, they are smart and beautiful, even if they have faces like the front of the asphalt paver. And actually, I know women do, if you know the person for a long time, that will captivity listen to it, but I can not understand the other things: to fucking talk about my family, and I had all this shit in the house to make? Women animals are blunt and don’t realize that when you start to live with some shaggy, you choose it, not girlfriends. If I wanted to live with her friends, I would probably be with them.

Evening, my job pisses me off, I’m tired and can’t open a fucking door lock, which can’t change for a month, there is no time and effort. What castle? At fuck forces there. The fifth attempt, I finally open the door. In the kitchen heard a woman laughing. Put the briefcase on the floor, removed her shoes and walk to the kitchen:
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Return late in the night, all the sidewalks, the Parking lot crammed with cars. I cut circles around the house, but all in vain, 3am, everyone is sleeping. Maybe I’m one of the nerds don’t sleep. Why stop and look in Windows, one of them ignited. Kitchen. Eat man stood up. Surely now rummaging in the fridge, sacko scratches and yawns. Okay, I’ll go into the neighboring yard, there may be places to eat, I go to the Avenue and dive into the next yard. There is also all Packed, but in one of the corners near the boiler room, I find a place. Wildly squirm, but all that is pushed in the narrow space. The driver’s door is locked, I do not like the thought. Over in the other seat and get out of the car. Close it, and walk down a dark street, the lights Shine through one as if on Feng Shui and then close itself, notice the guy that prints painted on the asphalt.

– Nice fit I am evaluating the entry, “I love you, Nadya!” – It bred a perfect smooth handwriting.
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10 French comedies for a good evening

10 французских комедий для хорошего вечера

The French original throughout, including in the cinema. Their movies not to be confused with the other: the humor, the characters, the relationships, the emotions — spirit of France. And when they joke, then watching it is a pleasure!
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Bruce Lee with family

Original taken from slavikap in Bruce Lee family

Original taken from santevit in Bruce Lee family

It was adored and imitated by millions. He was a legend in the world of martial arts, and his philosophy still continues to inspire people around the world. Next, we want to tell and show you archival photos from personal and family life of Bruce Lee.
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