Peskov’s daughter compared the Russian and French medicine

Original taken from maxfux in Peskov’s Daughter compared the Russian and French medicine

Daughter of press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov shared their impressions of stay in hospitals in Paris and Moscow. On his page in Instagram she just crushed the vaunted French health care, citing the example of an ordinary Moscow hospital.

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Another smart house in a few parts. Weather station from scrap materials

Looking through the various projects of weather stations, I noticed a trend. This sensor, temperature and humidity, most beloved Chinese DHT-11 or DHT-22, which add either a light sensor (weather Station on Arduino with data visualization) or pressure (Ethernet station), or the purchase heaped many hundred dollars basedAutomatic weather station in the country)

As for me personally — weather station without measuring the direction and speed of wind is not a meteorological station, and to spend about 700USD on a large toy, I’m not ready, it was decided to make like a “honey-fancy” but zanedorogo.
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You fall asleep hugging. Her breath fills the night around you. Leaving PolyGram, but something makes you open your eyes to see once more her face. You seem to be afraid to dream, afraid that reality will end, and so you want to see it never ends. You look at her face, afraid to move, not to disturb her. Looking at as something great that he sent thee, a great what you don’t deserve, what can’t understand your mind. Receiving a diamond, in the face of a loved one, you get an incredible quintessence of euphoria and fear. You lie there and look at it as a first person, think about how many of these persons were around, but her eyes and tender touch in a dream will replace the angel wings. Snooze again finds you, but you open my eyes to see her face again and again. Looking at her eyebrows, eyes and lips, do you realize that you want to see them always, every day and every night, you don’t understand how without you I can live, and why you lived without it. All ashes in front of her with one touch, all ashes before her breathing.

You turn your back and try to sleep, but she, feeling anxiety, hugs you and cuddles up to you. You feel the beats of her heart, which give you your heart, you can even feel them beats. Her hot hands as the flames warm your soul, forcing you to turn again and again to look at her. You can be a great, audacious, terrible, anything but her, looking at her, you will be yourself, only with her you can remain human even when the human already left. Again and again you open my eyes to look at her. To hold hand through his hair in his sleep and clung to him, feeling the familiar scent. Are you afraid to fall Asleep and not Wake up next to her. But sleep takes over, and you fall asleep in the morning. For a little while. In the morning you Wake and see her next. You weren’t dreaming, that she loved. You go out quietly, so as not to Wake her. Coffee, laptop, stories, news. She wakes up shortly after you, and you bring the coffee.
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CO2 sensor — a device which can tell you when to ventilate, so it was thought better


Remember, on habré in section GTD was a curious article from BarsMonster about that, other than laziness, procrastination and problems with scheduling can interfere with effective work and life?
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