and who ever doubted it?

Original taken from dr_rusi4 in and who ever doubted it?

Original taken from donbassrus in and who ever doubted it?

Participant of Maidan said that they first opened fire on militiamen. First their rifles, and then Lviv fighter shot 75 rounds of the Kalasha according to militia, have killed at least 2 officers. Only after that the police received the order to return fire.

Now the killer is on the loose, gives an interview
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DNR: Mat snipers wounded two militiamen

Original taken from elena_sem in DNR: armed forces snipers wounded two militiamen

ДНР: cнайперы ВСУ ранили двух ополченцев | Продолжение проекта "Русская Весна"For the last day snipers Mat at least ten times fired at the village of Petrovskoe, on the South of the Donetsk people’s Republic. It is reported by the headquarters of the militia DND.

Servicemen of the Ukrainian armed forces more than ten times fired at the village of Petrovskoye in Starobeshevo district of the Donetsk national Republic, said the Deputy chief of staff Edward Basurin. It was fired from sniper weapons. As a result of firing two militiamen were wounded, no casualties. The number of civilians killed and wounded, summed up Basurin.

The authorities of the DPR considered this incident as a direct violation of agreements channel four. Under the terms of the Minsk agreements, the parties to the conflict have committed themselves to cease hostilities and withdraw weapons from the demarcation line. In addition, in December an agreement was reached about the lack of any maneuvers during the Christmas holidays, but this condition also has been repeatedly violated by Kiev.
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