Stopitsot varieties of sausage with no meat

In 2014 the number of cattle compared to 1980 fell by almost exactly 3 times ( 3.01 times, to be exact)

-No, you just think about what made the “magic hand of the market” – have reduced pagola cattle, people, hospitals, schools, factories – increased number of suicides. And these assholes call a tyrant and a monster Stalin, who in hell needs to burn brighter Hitler”(C)Masha Zakharova, in which the number of plants, factories, unprecedented technologies and most of the people growing at an unprecedented pace
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The fake units in a major report on global energy sector

In June 2016, the British oil and gas group BP has released the 65th “Statistical review of world energy” (BP Statistical Review of World Energy) — the world’s only publication, from year to year, publish statistical data on reserves, production and demand of all energy types. The statistics referred to in their studies of the world’s leading agencies and media such as Bloomberg, Financial Times, Kommersant , and others. Most of the data published in the BP Statistical Review is given in MTOE (Million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent, million tonnes of oil equivalent). These units are from the report can be called fake, because they are marked in the same way as conventional MTOE, but their value differs by approximately 2.63 times. Read more →

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Lovely, I think…

Original taken from lev_sharansky2 in the Archipelago UKREG.

Freedom is better than unfreedom of freedom. The invisible hand of the market, inspired by the readings of Adam Smith and the forecasts of stock analysts Stepan Demur, she distribute financial benefits among their adherents, guided by the investment climate, independent rating Standard and Poor’s. 3D-printers have fully replaced the bulky production area legacy of the planned economy, allowing a few minutes to print Tesla electric cars somosaguas space rockets, Elon musk, trendy interior finishes and lofts, as well as the stick for selfie, equipped with a fan to blow hair. Innovative startups IOS developers allow direct stream on the iPhone for quick brainstorming in coworking and hackerspace. Crowdfunding method of raising funds allows us to solve the problem of attracting investment.

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