Mysterious number 108

Original taken from drumsmen in the Mysterious number 108

In many countries, the number 108 is attributed special properties and thinks he’s a perfect number. Give it mystical properties, even worship him. This number symbolizes the sky. Having made in any kind of activity 108 attempts (repetitions), a person reaches a certain stage of perfection. So, if we go around 108 times mount Kailas (Tibet), then you will have happiness. One of the “mirrors” of this mountain bent under an angle of 108 degrees, there are 108 basic poses and yoga 108 chakras converge to form the heart chakra, etc., etc.

But there are scientific facts that are associated with this number:
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My daughter asked daddy to make her a suit of a Canary…

Original taken from strajj to Daughter asked dad to make her a suit of a Canary…

“The 25th morning, having donned my dad’s outfit in the mirror, I realized that, firstly, an ornithologist from the parent so-so, and secondly, life is over. In school we rode in silence, and returned also in silence. But seeing the boy centaur, I realized that the costume of a Canary – not the worst thing I could do dad.”
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The beginning…

In Munich in connection with a bomb threat evacuated the train station

The police of Munich had been warned about the threat of a terrorist attack. In this regard, on New year’s eve were closed the two largest railway stations of the city: Central station and station Munich-Pasing. This was reported by the Agency AFPсо reference to the police.
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