I don’t remember, it was just here or not, because so many who walked blog for some time. Although hardly anyone was, there was only father Michael, who all zablocie.

I was returning from the store, heat, stepped out of the Elevator, remember that become worthless, your heart, came out, tried the stairs down and fell head against his blunt, disconnected. Fortunately, the downstairs neighbor was found in his pocket and called the last phone, rushed the fool (the name will not sound). Soon, even the cops came, but because of the fixation of death was not, they left. As can be seen in the er, or something someone said, or have brought, in General, this idiot decided that I was dead. Brought into the 7th. He still was drunk, yelled at it, called the mother from the country, sent ex. Lifted all on ears. I woke up without documents, because he took them and, phone, keys. This moron’s night came to an apartment, and the laptop started to write garbage, and one of the laptops he took with him.
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Faith and action. Or on historical responsibility.

Not as the interpretation I want to note this closeness of faith and action. The list of deeds performed by saints and righteous, we see how faith always takes action.

Today the Church celebrates the uncovering of the incorrupt relics of one of the most revered saints of the Russian land, the PDP. Savva Storozhevsky, which occurred on 19 January 1652, But today I’d like to tell you about something else.
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City built in the mountains

Original taken from irnella in the City built in the mountains

Original taken from biboroda in the City built in the mountains

The mountains attract people for thousands of years. Mountains served people and shelter from enemies and material for the construction of dwellings, they also just cut in the slopes of the mountains. Look at these small settlements and large cities built in the mountains that create a stunning scenery.
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Oleg Tsarev: “Right sector” is preparing to capture the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

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Crimean Athos

Original taken from strajj in the Crimean Athos

Today we take a trip to the Crimean Athos located two kilometers from Bakhchisaray in the gorge Maryam-Dere. Holy assumption monastery, which we visit arose many centuries ago, it was cut down in a rock on the edge of a sheer cliff, it is one of the oldest in the Crimea. This place is impregnated with powerful Holy energy.During the Crimean khanate, the monastery to become a bulwark of Orthodoxy in the Crimea, the residence of the metropolitans of the Goths. The monastery lived according to the traditions of Greek Athos, it was called the Crimean Athos. During its long history the monastery has known periods of prosperity and periods of desolation. In Soviet times it was almost completely destroyed, since 1993, after the transfer of the monastery to the Orthodox Church, began its revival. Restored the Church and monastery premises, daily conducted service, the monks and novices with their work return the monastery to life.
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Mount Athos in Greece – a place where no foot has ever women

Original taken from drumsmen in Mount Athos in Greece – a place where no foot has ever women

On mount Athos, or Holy Mountain, in Greece focused 20 Orthodox monasteries, where about 2 thousand monks, making it became the largest centre of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians. However, to get to mount Athos is not easy. Men should adhere to a set of strict rules, but women, children, and even female animals on the mountain and is not allowed.

Гора Афон в Греции – место, куда не ступает нога женщины
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