With the beginning of lent – difficult journey to Easter.

Who among us will be better this way, since it is so different – only the Lord knows. I want to show only one thing – not only different rites, but we are. Although what Catholics and Orthodox do go, albeit in a different way on a shared path says that in addition to differences there are many essential and important thing we have in common.
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Groundhog day.

Early evening, and I have no any account bar or pub, then a taxi and a way home. I stand near the door, trying to sort out the bunch of keys. A piece of iron does not want to open. I hate cold, winter, snowdrifts, I don’t like the cork, faces, crowds, a crisis, I can’t stand these iron doors, without which to imagine an apartment or house in Moscow, just impossible. One thought haunts me: what the Fuck I’m doing? What am I doing here? Money…They are not. Power? What do I? Friends. Possible. Relatives? Well, hear about that all sucks, I’ve been waiting for 30 years tired. Maybe just winter depression? Yes, your mother, open this door or not! I hear someone opens the door to the apartment and into the lobby someone leaves starting to open the door from the other side.

– Hey, who’s there? I say
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The raw horror of the town. Iran warned on Monday it may bring down oil prices

Original taken from kiberbob2000 in Iran warned on Monday it may bring down oil prices

“Gazprom Neft” announced the price of a barrel of oil $100


Gazprom-Neft camlet: “the price Reduction will be short term, soon the black gold will rise significantly in price”. Haven’t recovered from the previous increase in gasoline prices, amid declining oil prices, as again great. Now petrol is likely to rise due to the rise in price of oil. In General, of course, all of this is shamanism in the far North” ©, but it is interesting that this “shamanism” or suffering, whether enjoying the head not the small of our oil company.
“Gazprom Neft” announced the increase in the cost of a barrel of oil to $90-100. The process will be gradual, before it is possible small reduction. The current price of the company explained the game for a fall in expectation of increasing rates by the fed.

“If to speak about the current price level, one should consider some kind of game down, which happened recently in anticipation of a rate increase by the fed. The price has stabilized. What can happen next? Theoretically, if the game is on the decline will continue, it may lower and lower, but it is obvious that the price reduction will be short term” — quoted by “Russia 24” the head of “Gazprom oil” Alexander djukova.
The head of the Corporation called the price at $90-100 per barrel is fair for consumers and producers.
Earlier, the Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev said that he sees no prospects of growth in oil prices. Monday was record low for the last 11 years the price of black gold — $36,2.
Incantations to the gods of oil from top-managers of oil companies must be accompanied by a generous hecatombe, that is to say — by killing and burning a hundred or two bulls. Otherwise neshitov.
If to take into account that the major “bulls” playing on a fall in oil prices, are behind the ocean — we get a kind of apocalyptic pun. )
It’s funny HOW the elite want to go back, in the “hundred-dollar” oil comfort and bliss. And read in their eyes a silent cry: “I do NOT BELIEVE that it is forever!”

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