“R. F. Ungern-Sternberg and the Asian Cavalry division”

“To stop the pass arrived, as usual, the Mongols — fly like the eagles of the steppe. Surprise — one of them knew a few words in Russian: “Moscow”, “Komintern”, “international”, “Lenin”, “Karl Marx”, “Browning” and “revolver”.
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Bird flu say a word…

Свиной грипп
Swine flu

The patient in Zimbabwe: Doctor, I cannot feel my ears.

Doctor in Zimbabwe: Yeah this is some bullshit! What did you do?

Patient: Fucking geese.

Doctor: So you have goose shit!

Patient: Thanks, doctor! (dies)

Doctor (logs): the Patient died from goose twisted shit.

The press service of the Ministry of health Zimbabwe: Over the past week in Zimbabwe died two and a half thousand people from starvation, five thousand four hundred from poisoning smell foul bananas and one person from goose twisted shit.

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