Typhoon "Lionrock"… not washed Vladivostok

Frightened we frightened a few days… this Typhoon. Then he added that he can connect with a following cyclone.

MOE even recommended to refrain from traveling (and from work is not recommended? – ironically asked a colleague of mine), stock up on “matches with bread and water”…
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from the series come in a personal – extramama. The lawlessness of the employees of the electricity in the Stavropol region!

Original taken from extramama in the lawlessness of the employees of the electricity in the Stavropol region!

Dear readers, yesterday was a trouble! Arrived employees of the electricity and barbaric way cut down branches of an old walnut garden and the whole healthy tree.
And now the backstory. And it is, as you can see from my records that we moved here 2 years ago, we have a large family with 5 children and we really stand out from the rest. For utilities, including electricity, we pay through the mobile application of Sberbank, in a timely manner. Coming local supervisors made us remark, on account of old meter in the summer kitchen, where no one lives. In principle, this can be done, but not this year, now we are replacing the gas meter and boiler. I don’t know what, but we noticed their biased attitude to us. Yes, we are different, we don’t work in the cookie-cutter sense (freelance), but we have a lot of kids in the courtyard a large pool, slide, sandpit, trampoline huge. With neighbors we have peaceful relations, but as my husband is not with them drinks, you know…

And now about the garden and our reverent respect to him. This spring we laid a young garden, in the amount of 50 trees. We appreciate nature and try to live as carefully as possible without causing her harm. We are probably the only one here in front of the house a beautiful green area, in the form of walnut trees, which years 50-60, majestic and beautiful.Was…Husband regularly sawed the branches, the grass mowed,all well maintained and clean. Yesterday morning I heard the sound of the machine, and then the chainsaws came out to watch. Yes, and I was not notified of the commencement of such large-scale works. First I went out and saw began to cut, he said, rather rudely, that sawed the branches, which in their opinion may interfere with the wires of the mains. Passed probably an hour, but the work did not stop, I went out again and just froze…it Was cut down a perfectly healthy tree, all the way!!! Without permits, it really is in no way interfered with the wires. Next, brutally, with some sort of cynicism lay thick branches, alive, sawn off at the trunk…
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Paws up!

Original taken from vasilisa_vasya at Paws up!

This cat named Keyes one morning surprised the host that stood up, lifted her legs up and froze in this position for some time. Well, he took a picture, and almost forgot — but the next day the Case repeated the trick. And now it is repeated with enviable regularity.

Эта кошка все время поднимает лапы вверх, и никто не знает — почему

256-year-old Li Tinlun before his death revealed the secret of longevity

In another thread there is a discussion of my article on the doctor’s advice Chinese medicine in stroke https://cont.ws/post/288363. <…
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In Latvia sounding the alarm: die!

Source: EurAsia Daily

The head of the journalists Union of Latvia Juris Pajders the newspaper Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze (“Independent morning newspaper”) has dedicated an article to a catastrophic reduction of the population. Arguing with environmentalists calling for the care of wild animals, pagers argues that currently fit person in Latvia to protect as endangered species.
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