The Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua: a 37-year anniversary.

Jul 19, the Nicaraguan people marked the anniversary of the Sandinista revolution, the immediate successor of the Cuban revolution. Now Latin America is not “flaming continent”, but certainly “smoldering” because the former fuse disappeared and went out, just slowly and patiently waiting for his new “Che”. When he breaks through is an open question. Yes, now the region is experiencing a right turn, but the spiral of History is inexorable and objective. Sooner or later, the “mole of history” will do the trick and will come out. Meanwhile, I propose to plunge into the atmosphere of festive Managua:
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The Demons Of The World. Or…

Tothere first said that democracies don’t start wars?

The article in the original. Deliberately not removed “kat” in order to impress the scale of labours in the sweat of his dobrodeteli from the messengers of Hell
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