Kiev – Cassiopeia North star

Nothing new in the opening of the next political season, no. Yes, it was more dogs in Mariinsky Park, where they stroll together with the national guard. police to prevent destabilization of the domestic situation. Count three shepherds and one Rottweiler. Steel seal manholes blue stripes, on which to parse the number (of yesterday), some kind of acronym and the words “sealed”. Again, all the matter in the inner enemy who does not shrink from anything, including sewage.
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It is time to do something! Urgent!

MASKI reset. About “Yeltsin centre” and “new Vlasovs”

Original taken from pomorjanka in the Mask is reset. About “Yeltsin centre” and “new Vlasovs”

Friday. Beyond time and space!

Tothe Committee of our GStates and Bsafety lived, lives and will live! Forever!

Original taken from zolotaya_dolina in Friday. A tavern out of time and out of space!

A masterpiece by far. Direct nothing to comment, everything in its place Powder probably already under the table.
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Only when a Jew cries, God hears his prayers (saying)

In the temple the people gather. Soon the service begins, and while the congregation stand near the icons ask for something or thank. The smell of candles and incense, mixed with human odor and breath. Perhaps at the pearly gates, something like the smell and the same accumulation of sinners of all stripes, religions and races. I stand in the middle and stare at people wonder what they ask and what are you thankful for?
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20 words and expressions with a very interesting history of origin

Original taken from astori_18 in 20 words and expressions with a very interesting history of origin

1. To lose

This word, as the expression “Hey there, cap!”, has nothing to headgear, spineless intellectuals and other standard images that arise in our mind with you. Word is it’s in the jargon straight from Yiddish and is a warped form of the German verb “schlafen” — “to sleep”. A “hat”, respectively, “Sonia, caught Napping”. While you’re here hat your suitcase draped.

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The groom.

In the life of every woman or girl there comes a time when she wants to get married. But sometimes such a desire women have for a very long time, then come in mom, whining about grandchildren and dads, who tolerate brain mothers, and they are forced to drive daughters married, only to have them rolled back in his old age. Women increasingly build a career, get education, do business, because reliable for us bunch of Cunts, every year less and less. Yes, and universal equality, a constant struggle for women’s rights are doing their job, just sometimes do not even want to mess with another star from the Moscow sky…

She’s beautiful, she’s 35, she sits and looks at me as if rags chooses another or decoration.
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Neurolinguist Tatiana Chernigovskaya: How the Internet affects our brain

Neurolinguist and experimental psychologist, doctor of Philology and biology, corresponding member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences Tatiana Chernigovskaya gave a lecture on “How the Internet has changed our brain” in which he dispelled the popular stereotypes about the brain and told why Google and online education is not as useful as they seem. Here is a brief synopsis of this lecture.

Нейролингвист Татьяна Черниговская: Как Интернет влияет на наш мозг
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The great Russians!

Do you feel great? No? Then you or Western mercenary or a member of the fifth column, or simply loser! If you listen to Russian propaganda, paid bloggers, schizophrenics type Korotchenko (did not want to offend George, just the person have a diagnosis, people without facial expressions), it turns out we all great. We have the best army in the world, the polite and brilliant President, the best the State Duma, and so on and so forth. Since the Soviet Union rhetoric about the power of comrades has not changed at all. In the USSR it was the big, fat, great and powerful. Do not eat the fuck was behind it was nothing, went to the buckets, but it was great. The best explanation from patriotov is always the same: Not all measured jeans and iPhones! There is a great goal, there are spiritual ties, is something more than ham and cheese. And here I want to say the words of the classics: “we have no garage!” Just us common people and not IPhones, we do not go to Mercedes, bought state. account, don’t eat French cheese receptions in the Kremlin and do not rest in Courchevel. We have in addition to greatness no fuck! But the worst part of this fucking, Russia has no future. Simply it is not!

Recently Delyagin, by the way, a friend who is freaking out over Putin, announced the numbers. Officially 60% of people poor and poor. The poor are those who already can not afford to buy the right clothes, and the poor who already can’t even afford basic foods. Unfortunately, greatness is not devalued. Greatness cannot eat and to wear, it will not learn children and do not cure for the elderly. Greatness, like patriotism is a disease, a psychological disease. You’re sitting on the couch, in hruscheby, watching as the plane VKS something there is bombing in Syria, and you raised the CDA, you realize yourself a part of something grandiose, but actually, you’re just a stupid Russian boy that milks the state, showing you the beautiful pictures accompanying them with eloquence Kremlin Fucks. You Russian shit that can’t educate their children is normal, is valued in the world, the ordinary world is not great, you can’t afford a medicine, can not, in fact, no dick because all your salary is only enough for housing and food. Thus, even if you disagree with something, you can’t tell because you look askance at other members of the herd, which inhabits great country. You are a Russian citizen, you’re a great redneck, dumb beggar sheep, for which you have already prepared a black plastic bag.
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