Ukraine: the third year without haloperidol

I’m sure you all know that the Kremlin was trying to disrupt the holiday season in Crimea, which has repeatedly hired convicted criminals, which gave the employees of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. As a result, the millions of Ukrainians who wanted to relax on the Crimean coast to their bodies to cover up the “Fatherland” from the invasion of armed Russian aggressors were forced to change their plans.
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Our nuclear base in Iran (as per night to change the map of the world)

Original taken from ledy_lisichka in Our nuclear base in Iran (as per night to change the map of the world)

That photograph of the Russian long-range bombers Tu-22M3 in the Iranian military air base Hamadan is, of course, already had the news that deserve attention.

The announcement of Iran that it “will provide Russia the infrastructure for terrorism”, that is, simply put, a military base is more of a sensation.
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Sleep Thomas

I have a friend, Tom call, told his recent dream. Details omitted, immediately asked: “Why Britain did a somersault – Brexit, after 43 years of membership in the European Union?” And he answers: “And then says that the place for one country to liberate.” And continues, says further that the British is a nuclear power and they exit from the Eurozone, so that it went the other nuclear powers.
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Theresa may threatens Russia with nuclear war


When I see how rapidly feminizers power elite of the West, I am not complacent condescension, and that we have won something Shoigu, and they have, like, Indian unreasonable.
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In the World a long time NOTHING remarkable happens.

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And there is NOTHING to discuss . . .

While Yes, Lopatnikov says another sign of the collapse of Russia, the Chip says another sign of the collapse of Judeo-Saxon already by the autumn, other, other, but . . . It’s ALL a BLANK.
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“With light steam!” from Kurchatov

“We are approaching a great revolution in the life of mankind, which can match all they had experienced. Close to the time when people get their hands on nuclear power, this source of strength which will enable him to build his life the way he wants it. This can happen in a century. But it is clear that it should be. Will people use this power, channel it for good and not to self-destruct? Grown up whether it the ability to use force, which must inevitably give it a science?”

Academician V. I. Vernadsky, 1922

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Matryoshka doll on independence day

Hope for the resumption of constructive dialogue with the US was expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his congratulatory telegram to Barack Obama, timed to the independence Day of USA. The statement was published on 4 July 2016, on the website of the Russian President.
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