[Translation] Ferocious bulls: how wall Street got hooked on trading at light speed

One of the most interesting things about the company collapsed Knight Capital Group – the trading firm that lost in 2012, $440 million – the speed of its collapse. [original article dated 2012, approx.transl.] In the news wrote that the bulk of wrong trade decisions occurred within the hour, and this computer controlled drain once again forced the financial community to discuss, isn’t the pursuit of profit to a fast, but dull and uncontrolled. We place this story before her appearance in the September issue of Wired, because it describes how wall Street came to the state in which such lapses occur more often and what else ready traders seeking to ever-faster trading.
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06 Aug 2016. Donetsk. News DNR_LNR


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Two tablets, two of Russia?

A sign to the executioner Mannerheim in Leningrad, still clear of the green stuff and paintthat “grateful” residents pay tribute to this henchman of Hitler. That is to say, “walk of fame” for Medina cornets and lieutenants Rogozin, coupled with the Small and the Generalissimo, chief officer Prosvirnin.
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Mannerheim outside the law

The Council by a plaque under the government of St. Petersburg acknowledged that the memorial plaque to Marshal Carl Mannerheim established with violation of the current legislation, said the Deputy of Legislative Assembly Alexey Kovalev 1 July, in interview to Agency “Interfax”.
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