Doping scandal, sanctions, NATO expansion, all red herrings.

The beneficiaries of the process are preparing a Maidan anywhere, USA or England is no exception. “Controlled chaos” translate into uncontrollable chaos. The Chow will soon cease to deliver in cities, which are home to 90% of the population. Then the townspeople will go to Rob those who live in the villages and like it comes in a whisker does not blow: it was already run-in we have in the 90’s, when the townspeople attacked the village and slaughtered cattle. Giving it to you to close the locks – still hungry will break.

Why? Well, speak clearly, openly – 90% of the population is superfluous.
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Take an oath of the bureaucrat!

To what level of insanity we still have to walk to finally be able to say honestly and openly – liberal ideals, that is to say the interests, not able to produce any transformation of the person, except in the direction of theft and selfishness. Well, not modern liberalism as an ideology to offer something besides consumerism.
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The people of Texas were allowed to openly carry weapons in public places

Original taken from panzer038 in the people of Texas were allowed to openly carry weapons in public places

The corresponding law adopted by the state government in June last year, came into force

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Cheap, but very significant provocation.

Read the title “Putin and al-Baghdadi were in the shortlist for the rating “person of year” magazine Timeand it seems that survived! Our President was in one company with the head of ISIS. Although here is a counter question to those who nominates the head of the terrorist organization anywhere but prison. But it all will be when thinking, when first reading catches the eye of this neighbourhood Putin and al-Baghdadi.

But this flow of information is pure lie! If that word applies this epithet. Better to say dirty liberona fake. Because as we read further and see that not Putin got into a strange list, and al-Baghdadi in a list, where Putin and Merkel, trump, etc. That they arise ways of presenting news: “Merkel got in short-list with Putin“, “trump got in…”. But they chose the one with the most discredited and Russia, and its President.
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Finns are camping

On 4 December, according to media reports, the head of the press service of the Finnish government Mantila Markku announced that Finland would no longer to comply with the Paris peace Treaty of 1947. Earlier, in 1990, Finland had already announced the loss of power of the military provisions of the Treaty, but on the denunciation of his overall speech was not, although respected, he stopped in fact, even then. Complete avoidance is the event, one might say, a landmark. Still neither of the former Axis countries openly deny any involvement in the post-war world so openly. Without unnecessary drama can justifiably say that our eyes collapses all the post-war world order, and the process goes incredibly fast.

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