Benefits of water for our body

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Water is an important source of life. Norm of water per day for an adult is about 3 liters. Moreover, about 1.5 liters of water in its purest form. Only need to drink a little, not more than 150 milliliters per 10 minutes. Otherwise, it is ingested and is not good.
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The gas turbine is returned?

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Sixty-five years ago, the United States has begun trial operation of a truck tractor Kenworth 500 series. It was a gas turbine engine, and the tests took place in the framework of the joint project of Kenworth Trucks and Boeing. The engine is 175 HP, but weighed only 90 kg! The train made several commercial flights between Seattle and Los Angeles (≈1,850 km), but, alas (and other observations): extra urban fuel consumption reached to 240 l/100 km! However…

Industry reaching design capacity?

“The industry is reaching design capacity, so this year we get six s-400, well, next year, the pace reduce will not” – said the commander in chief of Russian air force Colonel General Viktor Bondarev during the action “contract Service is your choice!”.
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The disaster to Concorde near Paris — how and why?

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July 25, 2000 took place the most horrible flight of the ship “Concord.” The disaster claimed the lives of 113 people and put an end to supersonic passenger aviation. Amazingly, remained video of the incident.

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Clear, understandable, reasonable, balanced

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It is this (in the headline), my opinion from today’s Putin’s speech

The President presented awards to distinguished servicemen in Syria Russia
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First! “Certainly not the second”: Rogozin commented on Obama’s assessment of Russian military

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