The humiliation of Russia capitulated to the IOC

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The country is experiencing the last act of a painful drama: its team of athletes — the great men and the everyday heroes on the way to the Olympics being driven under the yoke.

Allowing, in a number of conditions, Russia’s participation in the Games, the IOC took the worst for us the verdict. According to him, our team loses sovereignty: a decision on the admission of Russian athletes at the mercy of international federations and foreign anti-doping agencies. The team loses people — in its composition will not, as a minimum, athletes who won a third gold of London 2012, as well as those who honestly served his doping suspension. The team loses its prestige — at the opening of the Games it’s going to meet the hooting crowd.
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A state of emergency

Introduced in Turkey a state of emergency can only say that the situation is still not under full control of the authorities. Erdogan saidthat the country’s possible new coup attempt.

You need to understand that Erdogan is obviously trying to squeeze it for everything possible.
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Dear hanter372 shared an amusing video in which a famous film Director Nikita Mikhalkov introduced his liberal Pro-Western opponents in “full intellectual negligee” (the author’s text SW. hanter372). It seemed to me remarkable method by which Mikhalkov has done with Svanidze and young Director of the Yeltsin centre Dina Sorokina. Haven’t we already seen somewhere…
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About cold-blooded human rights activist (addition)

Comrade @Sommerman seriously complements the image of a juvenile human rights activist Maria Yarmush that promoted vile laws 953369 and 953398, discriminating social category of “close friends” in the case of beating (see previous post)

About the nature of advocates Yarmush and juvenile at all. In 2010 defended the American for the mistreatment of a Russian child.
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Where do anacondas head and where is Karabakh

Кадр из телепередачи "Время покажет" на Первом 4.4.2016

Hot spots on the boundaries is a fairly simple one-dimensional game. In fact, the version of the “strategy of the Anaconda”, which, it seems, will remain a top American military thought. Should this game all the time to go to one of the gates?
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Isbyte sin 2. Justification of the pale of humanity

I started to discuss the structure of Goethe’s Faust from the point of view of the order of writing scenes and parts of this tragedy. I tweaked the last time I call this work a poem. Accept, although reading criticism and reviews about Faust, I see its comparison with the Homeric poems. Well, tragedy, tragedy.
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Jewish proverb – eggs in one basket to spread out NetA (and now merged)

Original taken from vena45 in JEWISH CLOWNING around: Two bitches have confirmed that they are sisters in spirit

Yulia Tymoshenko and former ally of Yanukovych Anna Herman hugged at a prayer Breakfast in Washington

The leader of the parliamentary faction “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko and former people’s Deputy from Party of regions and an ally of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych Hanna Herman hugged each other when meeting at the National prayer Breakfast in Washington.

About this informed the people’s Deputy from the bloc Poroshenko Sergei Berezenko in svoeym Facebook.
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