Women’s day.

What you give to the women on the eighth of March? Banal jewelry, perfume or flowers. No, there are still options with different gadgets or certificates in the SPA and other treatment rooms. On this, the fantasy of many and exhausted. No, of course there are very rare instances that are given cars, apartments, or stay at gourmet resorts, but these males can be counted on the fingers, and in response to the crisis – it will be fingers of one hand. In General, as if the men had not boasted, the fantasy they are too far removed from the female, there is foam and socks, there are flowers and perfume. Sometimes it seems that the country no socks, though the sandals and socks, and this country is unreal podvanivaet and rarely shaves. The hero of our story have departed from recognized standards, he, after listening to co-workers, decided to give his beloved wife and his beloved wife, something special. He has long considered various proposals with creative websites, carefully selected, and finally chose…

– Dear, congratulations! – a man broke into a smile when his wife entered the kitchen – Breakfast, coffee… and the surprise continued to smile man. Excitement even his mustache began to stir.
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