Sharansky about the gay parade

Once there was a gay pride parade, which gathered a lot nepolzhivye intellectuals, rukopozhatnyh journalists and hipsters. There was a well without any fence, and it fell. He was yelling so loud, but the parade was so big, the noise was such that no one heard him. At this time one of the hipster came to the well — he wanted to make his background a selfie and post it on instagram. Hipster looked down and found the man who shouted, cried and said: “have Pity on me, save me quickly!”
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Totem, a parade and “card”

I’m not about Savchenko. Although regular starvation “Hope” creates certain political and psychological frustration that can deliver. But still about the military parade. Don’t know how it happened, but in the third year of the revolution is clear to everyone what the advantages are scum, villains and pokemon who allow themselves f – – – ing doubt on the feasibility demonstration of the unprecedented military might of the revived European superpower.
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TOP 5 fantastic events 2016 in global politics.

Decided to write a post in the format of the alternate history future. What events can happen in 2016? A fantastic event, but nevertheless is able to be realized. This is sort of my personal wishes nastupaushim year global policy. So here goes:
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Comments to “parade of surprises” in Latin America

Латинская Америка в ожидании

15 December 2015 “REGNUM” information Agency has released a rather scathing material about the insolvency of our diplomacy in Latin America. The victory of Pro-American opposition in Venezuela raises questions about the contacts (and contracts) of our MIC and Rosneft in this country, the election of Mauricio Macri in Argentina does not Bode well, but a catastrophic decline in the rating of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil actually calls into question the viability of the BRICS as an alternative to a “unipolar” world. In this situation REGNUM in absentia “torturing” Ministry inconvenient questions.

15 December was published an interview to RIA “news” the Director of the Latin America Department (LAD) of the Russian foreign Ministry Alexander Shetinin. The diplomat was asked a number of pressing issues on the election results in Argentina and Venezuela, which ended with the victory of the opposition, on the situation with the BRICS, to develop relations with Cuba. And also: “the struggle in the region between Russia and the United States”?

Thanks for the texture. For some reason there is an Association with briefings for the U.S. State Department famous for their sharp questions and equally famous response.

A direct answer to the question, what will happen with the BRICS, given the beginning of procedure of impeachment of the main driving force of this Association in the region — the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, alas, has not been given. A. Shchetinin assured that the Russian foreign Ministry maintains relations with all political forces, “irrespective of color”. No specific examples of maintaining contact with “politicians of color” in the interview was not given. And even if the dialogue with the opposition in Brazil is built on “perfect”, the question arises: “But this opposition BRICS do we need”

Note that both REGNUM and foreign Ministry spokesman think in the same paradigm: “our against the Americans”. Acute question of REGNUM implies that the opposition of the BRICS is not needed, as it is anti-American (antineuraminidase unit), and the opposition of Russia-friendly regimes in Latin America as the selection Pro-American and therefore anti-Russian.

Speaking of Venezuela, Director of the WAY of the Russian foreign Ministry lamented encountered “unexpected”: “, unexpectedly began a deterioration of relations of Venezuela with its neighbors. Yes, in Latin America there is a long-standing territorial disputes, but then, in such a difficult situation, they unexpectedly began to kristallizuetsya and purchase additional pulses. Or, for example, clearly began with the idea that the legitimacy of elections can certify the allegedly international observers. Although, of course, on all legislation and any Constitution the sovereignty is in the people.” Despite the “parade of surprises”, configured the head of optimistic, believing that the opposition nothing will change in relations with Russia. Why such confidence — remained a diplomatic secret. Given that the Russian Embassy in Caracas even with the socialists is not particularly comes into direct contact, in addition to social events, we strongly questioned this optimism.

Here I want to leave out the attempt of the “precisely” representative of a foreign Minister, let it be on conscience of the author of the review, his motives unknown to me, although the emotions of the background is lost in the diplomatic campaign, in generally understandable.

The content of the comment refers to the possibility and the desire for contact with socialists in the cradle of the Bolivarian revolution. And since this desire is not visible, the degree of irritation increases. Meanwhile, Russia de-facto is not a socialist country. Otherwise we would built a completely different relationship with Chavez and with Fidel Castro has a lot of years ago. And political map would have been very different.

For me the big question, is it possible in practice socialism without ideological foundations. Let me remind you that, under current Russian Constitution, we are a welfare state without a dominant ideology. For comparison, the socialism Chavez relied on national-liberation ideological tradition going back to Simon Bolivar. Chinese and Cuban socialism “powered” the Communist idea.

With all this in mind, it is not clear what is the essence of our confrontation with the Americans in South America. What is the fundamental difference between opponents?

Чавес вручает Обаме книгу "Вскрытые вены Латинской Америки"

Journalists tortured by the representative of the foreign Ministry’s question “whether the struggle in the region between Russia and USA?”

What do you think, does it make sense to wait for a clear answer from the bureaucrats of the modern Russian Federation? What are our fundamental foreign policy differences from the US? Americans plagued the world, and especially its “southern underbelly” of imperialism. Russia moved to protect their interests (security) in the far frontiers (Syria). What is the principal difference, for which you can carry a giant haulage distance, cultural differences, economic obligations?

Post-Soviet identity was constructed “under Europe” with the theme “we are the same people as you.” We aim to show Americans that we are equal and we need to be taken in this vein. But what is the interest, this position may cause in Latin America than the Russians gringo better for them American?

The history of Hugo Chavez and the outgoing leaders of Latin America clearly showed that the peoples of this continent, as well as our population, ranging between the two poles of motivation: personal welfare and ideology of society. Tired of the liberal Orgy Venezuelans elected an anti-American leader with a strong social program. However, for fifteen years, this motivation plays out and addressing to the purse, the waiver of encumbrances and “live like in the States” again took its toll.

Russia is not able to offer Latin American countries, inflow of investments and other North American gingerbread cookies, with a clear ideological difference with the US is not visible. We don’t have ideology. But there are interests. Where why for which you can endure any how?

What Russia can bet in his Latin American politics. On tolerance, “we have not hurt anyone”? Everyone understands that this is not the authentic “song”. Plus, let’s look at the situation from the point of view of a Latino: “We infringe U.S., you’re not prejudice, then you will not infringe on Americans. Or you can’t, because they are closer and richer. Anyway, the result is the same.”

Maybe we are ready to pull major economic infrastructure projects, like the Chinese? Without ideological overtones. We do not have such economic capacity: we have not yet mentioned in the construction of canals, roads, bridges over the ocean. All can be, but so far nothing. Oil with gas is tied to our territory, and not interested in the same Venezuela. The construction of the NPP in the region it seems are not very important.

Interestingly, when our elites will finally realize what a powerful trump card has been removed, abandoning the ideology, instead of improve it?

The topic of contacts with the new authorities was reiterated in the responses to questions concerning Argentina. “For us, people who came to power in Argentina, not strangers. At least because it is difficult to develop relations with the country, not developing them with its capital, and, as you know, over the last years Mauricio Macri was President of the city government of Buenos Aires. As an example, annually held by our countrymen in the streets of Buenos Aires with the support of the city authorities a very broad and representative festival of Slavic culture “Mother Russia”, — said Alexander Shchetinin.

REGNUM says:

It is difficult to say how the Russian foreign Ministry may be based in relationship with the new government of Argentina and personally with Mauricio Macri to the festival, “Mother Russia”. And can this event become a real reference point for dialogue. Anyway, the Russians are the main target group, which is involved in the organization and in holding this Festival — a very ironic comments on social networks about his level. As Chairman of the coordinating Council of compatriots Argentina Leonardo Golovanov gave a rather sceptical forecasts for the development of Russian-Argentine relations under the new President Mauricio Macri in an interview Clearer examples of “long dialogue” the Russian foreign Ministry with the opposition forces of Argentina, whose presidential candidate won the election, was not presented. →

And here we come to the main point: the sphere of culture. Have you ever thought about why immigrant, foreign Russian culture does not fully shoots? We see the Diaspora with an ever-diminishing one’s own cultural environment. In the third generation is already assimilated the inhabitants of the recipient countries. Maybe with slightly brighter eyes and softer facial features, but not the independent media of great Russian culture.

Our culture at this stage of its development does not turn into “a hotbed of high nomadic civilization” (a term coined by S. E. Kurginyan in the book “the Fate of humanism in the twenty-first century). Torn from his native soil of Russian culture inevitably zahireet. Perhaps this is due to the irreversible loss did not happen: Russia continues to exist and immigrants are forced to focus on the negative to justify their “non-refoulement”. Therefore, it is not born of love songs “…its about Arcadia”, and this will carry the “banner of his land… through the worlds and centuries”.

Perhaps, Russian culture is not yet ripe… I don’t know. But in Europe and North America always one or several historical museums where the history of Western COVC, from ancient Egypt to the present day, with the obligatory mummies, Greek statues, and all the stops. The history of the Russian branch of the European civilization, I think we have not even collected together. In the heads — exactly. Of course, how can there be energy for meticulous gathering of relics and texts again Russia is still there. What’s the point of storing it in memory, when they’re alive?

I think that sooner or later to make Russian culture to form a sealed compact, to the wandering of the focus of high culture still have. And not even necessarily in connection with the death of power. Mankind will journey off-planet, and therefore the relationship (here positive, negative…) will inevitably fail. But this case is hypothetical, though mentally Russian people have long been prepared.

Looking into space, re-dip the eyes Dale:

And, finally, the HARMONY Director of the Russian foreign Ministry Alexander Shchetinin does not support “popular illusions” that Russia intends to expel the US from “their backyard” — Latin America. Moreover, the struggle between Russia and the US for influence in Latin America speech, but it is not. “I can’t speak for the United States, but we have our own agenda in the region. We have our own approach to Latinos, and we see that this approach is appreciated. We are not trying there anyone to compete and be political, economic, and humanitarian niche in the region is very wide, and we have something to offer Latinos, “—said Alexander Shchetinin. —>

I think we’ll go with REGNUM that in the latter passage, Alexander Shchetinin wrong. Actually, we have nothing to offer Latinos. The continent is immersed in multiple dimensions of non-classical wars with the United States. In this situation the actor who “is not trying anyone to compete” can cause either confusion or irritation.

Че скептичен

The fact that its position in Latin America, Russia lost. And Russia won’t hand them over until they work out a global policy response on the global agenda. Talking about the rehabilitation of the state ideology and the mobilization of the people, which in turn is impossible without a fundamental transformation of the elite. Now there is nothing, just have to wait until the Hispanics get tired again from the right-wing, Pro-American leaders and will move to the left until the anti-American leaders will come to power. Despite the fact that there is no particular reason to expect that the political processes in South America will be launched in North America on the course.

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