The process has begun. The opposition of Belarus won a seat in Parliament for the first time in 20 years

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Kiev – Cassiopeia North star

Nothing new in the opening of the next political season, no. Yes, it was more dogs in Mariinsky Park, where they stroll together with the national guard. police to prevent destabilization of the domestic situation. Count three shepherds and one Rottweiler. Steel seal manholes blue stripes, on which to parse the number (of yesterday), some kind of acronym and the words “sealed”. Again, all the matter in the inner enemy who does not shrink from anything, including sewage.
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No, well first I was livelier. Creative, with anguish. And this is not something. The silence at all. Although nine days have passed since the explosion Sheremet “Subaru”, which belongs to Alena Pritula, which in turn belongs to the “Ukrainian truth”. I leafed through the news feed on the nepolzhivye the Internet newspaper of the country. Generally no mention of the investigation of the explosion. Only missiles detonated in the valiant concern “Ukroboronprom”. Killed a NATO spokesman. By the way, the first time the ATO. At least, officially.
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Erdogan cornered… (6)

Uh, gohan fled to Germany, and the people plunged into civil strife with his call to take to the streets, blow up the television station in Istanbul… and, according to recent reports, shot supporters (?) Erdogan (who? the blame for the bloodshed in the Erdogan), Ankara shot down the helicopter, the rebels, the explosion in the Parliament… Events unfold in a hard scenario.

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Released parliamentary area

Keep my fingers crossed for deputies who work in the released soldiers ATO Parliament. Courageous guys in camouflage uniforms dispersed “Butovsky” and “radical” trash in the Parliament, blocked the Presidium and the rostrum, so that anyone who wants to speak freely, and the Parliament to take hundreds of thousands is extremely necessary for the country laws. Deep in the heart (and possibly in other parts of the body) was reminded of the speaker Parubiy, which I took apart about the third attempt: “anyone who breaks… gobble, chirp chirp, pestic, ku-ku… deliberately play into the thigh of the enemy.”
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The concept has changed: euromaidan stood for NATO

Yulia Tymoshenko wearing orthopedic louboutins and rushed into battle with the criminal regime of Poroshenko, Groisman. It is their own crying fit of fear plastic surgeons (“Can rupture to Jo…NN” cried one of them during the next operation rejuvenation) blocked the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada. Next to her, shoulder to shoulder stood Oleg Lyashko traditionally neotronik the lapel and a group of other fighters low utility rates.
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Spring psychosis

A Ghost is haunting the coalition in the Parliament. The speaker Groysman personally seen the Ghost, talked with him in the bathroom and in General was pleased with appearance of this intangible substance. What he, the speaker, and reported flustered, impatient Sucasa legs of the Brussels public. He told me personally, is the capital of the Manneken Pis, to dispel any doubts about Ukraine’s ability to make a decisive step. Point.
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