Spring psychosis

A Ghost is haunting the coalition in the Parliament. The speaker Groysman personally seen the Ghost, talked with him in the bathroom and in General was pleased with appearance of this intangible substance. What he, the speaker, and reported flustered, impatient Sucasa legs of the Brussels public. He told me personally, is the capital of the Manneken Pis, to dispel any doubts about Ukraine’s ability to make a decisive step. Point.
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Kremlin bums in the bosom of the revolution

Analyzed the composition of staff of the Revolutionary right-wing forces. He (headquarters) organized the third Maidan, which is a continuation of the second and a direct descendant of the first. Was horrified: some provocateurs, agents of the FSB, the separatists, “jackets” and Yuriy Karmazin (the leader of the “Defenders of the Fatherland”). As reports the edition “Ukrainian truth”, the Maidan 3.0 is funded solely by the Kremlin. Information support is carried out separatist propaganda websites and TV, controlled personally by Putin.
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There is such a profession. The son of patriot Valeria will fight for Switzerland

Original taken from dymovskiy_name in the Son of patriot Valeria will fight for Switzerland

About patriots and patriotism

Original taken from belan_olga in About patriots and patriotism

The eldest son of singer Valeria Artemy will be drafted into the army. Only it will be not in Russia but in Switzerland. Because he’s been there for many years waiting for citizenship, while living in the house Prigogine and Valeria close to lake Geneva.
Make me smile as these lovely people, so concerned about the Motherland, its prosperity, punching his own chest screaming “I am a patriot!”, at the same time and having the houses near lake Geneva, children studying in Cambridge and waiting for the citizenship of another notice, enemy of the state. These people feel no embarrassment, no awkwardness from their hypocrisy, and moreover, they sincerely believe themselves the true patriots of the Fatherland.

It’s a blast.

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