The cultural layers of Eurasia

Собор Василия Блаженного

The cultural layer — the layer of earth on the site of settlements that preserve traces of people’s activity. Depending on the duration of life in the settlement and their activities, the thickness of the layer ranges from a few centimeters up to 30-35 meters.

It is believed that the power of the cultural layer is proportional to the amount of activity on the areas where the layer was deposited. The cultural layer extends into the depth to the mainland — strata, bearing the marks of human activity” – definition.

As you can imagine such a person’s life, which produces “cultural layer” in 35 meters?!

On this “historians” we will respond vigorously, this layer may be formed as a result of the fact that the population, for whatever reasons, have left the settlement and it has been brought by winds, rains, floods.

We now consider some examples that show that the “cultural layer” is not human life, and the result is always disaster. Continue reading “The cultural layers of Eurasia”

Adrenaline history – 7. The new Constitution.

Original taken from bioplant in Adrenaline history – 7. The new Constitution.

Original taken from radmirkilmatov in Adrenaline history – 7. The new Constitution.

September 1993.

That evening, Yeltsin will appeal to the people, we, the editors learned in a few hours to air. Editorial raged: dad drinking again? dad again would be funny?…
The antics of the President, his ability to “otchebuchit”, issue “Mary”, to go beyond the Protocol and to test the boundaries of propriety for strength – were no secret, and journalists gossiped about them like no other.

As if answering the obvious question, to the right of Yeltsin in the frame stood a Cup, from which during the broadcast he pointedly takes a SIP, as if deliberately emphasizing the sobriety and seriousness of the moment.
The President read out a decree that dissolved the Parliament. The one that made the once disgraced as a regional leader – the head of state. Along the way he eliminated their obligations to them… just like in the movies about Africa or the Latinos… But it was here… the Ones who joked about “Upper Volta with missiles”, as called it.
That means the actions of Yeltsin in Parliament commented openly and immediately. However, what it said, almost was not discussed on TV or in the Newspapers. And a word about “the coup” has not received a resonance.
Held shortly before the referendum on confidence yielded no results. More precisely – gave specific. People supported both opposing sides at once, the referendum was confirmed by the competition of two branches of government. That is exactly what democracy is.
The conflict of the President and Parliament already nabilo mouth. I had the opportunity several times to be in the White house until there were located the Supreme Council. Khasbulatov often arranged “analysis of flights” to the government for the failures. Everything seemed bleak and mundane. “Young reformers” was represented by Sergey Glazyev. Then he found himself in irreconcilable opposition, and then at age 36 was the youngest in the government of Gaidar. Khasbulatov was acrid, and the role of the teacher literally mocked the incompetence and helplessness of young Ministers. But Yeltsin was too strong to admit defeat…
As expected, after the announcement of the Decree about dissolution of the Parliament – Yeltsin disappeared. “Booze”, is done routinely to comment on the situation journalists… About the decree even began to forget…
In early October, at the House of journalists Gaidar arranged for a meeting of the government with the leaders of Russian business. To the meeting found out, there called journalists. From us sent me. By the time the Yeltsin government passed in Parliament after several votes of no confidence– and Gaidar was only the first Vice-Premier under Chernomyrdin. However, the distribution of roles was unique. Formally Chernomyrdin steered, but listened to Yeltsin and Gaidar did not understand Chernomyrdin. And Gaidar was to support and guide overseas lenders and the real masters of his government.
Round the table sat the heads of government, major banks, stock exchanges, among them stood out Bendukidze, Borovaya, Smolensky,… Nemtsov, Gaidar said a few stock phrases – and journalists were asked to leave.
“Money request”, – the word among journalists. However, subsequent events showed that he had not asked for money. More precisely, not only money. They were prepared to support future actions.
I’ve seen Gaydar before, but I first saw him close up, and could not look away from the arms that Deputy Prime Minister was holding in front of him, and that apparently with excitement, and trembled very much.
His palm was a small, degenerate, seemed able to sneak in a bottle of kefir. He broke his fingers the pencil, the pencil slipped out, the Deputy Prime Minister repeatedly raised it from the floor, disappearing from sight. Narrow eyes hard and very unkind eyes ran along the sides. Tikoobraznye head blushed, sprela, bald head was covered with large drops of sweat. And this impression was formed before he began to speak, bleating voice, with uncertain intonation and smacking his lips.
Behind the doors of the hall one of the accompanying Vice-Premier assistants made the radio counterpart with a clear proposal. Why remember? Because of the unsavory issue and jealousy: I such did not offer… )) But don’t confuse adrenaline with floss.
Now when the leaders of the Ukrainian government blame in sexual deviations, is not generally appreciated that such perversion was happening in the government. And were still in sight… Why? Probably because such people are easier to manage. Their secrets guarantee diligence and loyalty… And where you can have other – those who are not quite normal life?
Two days later, the strange group of lightly armed people openly through the town to storm the television center. Their leader was moved to the head Deputy of funny looking. He voluntarily or involuntarily has been the main provocateur of the subsequent development of events…
Violence is determined not only by motives, but by the results. The media called the participants of the drunk attacks “extremists”. I will say in their defense that their violence, unlike the opponents, proved to be much less. It was defiantly too and looks like a provocation. “Who benefits,” the ancients said.
In the square of city Council that night Gaidar called ordinary Muscovites to defend the President, democracy, reform, and go to storm the White house. According to rumors, there is also promised to distribute to supporters of the machines. I am sure that if ordinary people knew what the future led the crowd Gaidar, the crowd would blow the reformers on the same night… But obaluaye worked at full capacity…
Remember Akhedzhakova. She wanted to storm the Parliament because it considered this “freedom”… “Again wanted the USSR and cheap sausage?” She was yelling into the microphone… always the Actor more than convincing. But in the desire to have a cheap sausage – nothing abnormal. Moreover, the desire to have a cheap sausage – more human desire than to have cheap power.
Sometimes it seems that the art of the artist is stronger than any judo. And for the use of these weapons on ordinary people – should respond the same way as for the attack dogs or fighting intentional firearms…
After returning from the office home, in the Dorm, I told my friends about what happened… Promised to distribute the machines? – thoughtfully asked Sanya. Among us all deeper he realized that this “business”…
At 11 o’clock in the evening three sophomores were on fresh…
Next to the White house there were two thousand people. Standing decorative barricades, lay a lot of garbage, stood openly caricatured the characters in the Cossack coats and hats a century of fashion. What threat they carried democracy? The worst. They were for a different policy, and gave voice to…
Well you Russian boy doing among these Jews?… yelled at one of us some sort of grandma. Kiruha, objectively speaking, truly was the most Russian among us. In the role of “the Jews” were Glory and I’m Glad… It’s okay. That night on the square MSU students represented a different idea and, of course, were probably “the Jews”. What is it? The fact that among the crowd, most were normal people, but remember always violent.
But violence is a disease, not a crime. A crime where violence. And the main one was wrong. The one who is not leaving the drunkard, brought the country to the highest degree of intolerance and frenzy…
The people changed, the crowd was buzzing, the people come, the end of the dry Indian summer.
The visor of the White house, the improvised podium, sometimes go out to the deputies. I remember after the screams begin to distribute to defenders of the White house weapons, approached the microphone Baburin. “Home. simply and clearly he told. – Go home! Who you going to shoot? in your brothers?” That night his words had been silenced and to calm down the crowd…
Get hold of free weapons failed, and in two nights we decided to go back to the dorms… Our story has inspired a new group to campaign for the White house in the morning. The adrenaline is contagious… it Later turned out that the tanks had already advanced to the fresh.
The guys came back a day later. What happened? They stood back and silently pulled down his pants. Their backs, Asses and thighs until the knees were straight, deep purple violet hue. Giant bruise. Never before or after – I have not seen such bruises colors and sizes.
That morning they moved with the crowd of onlookers, several times came under fire and were surrounded by the Riot police. They were pushed with rifle butts and laid prone on the stadium… Like in Chile…
How many corpses? One said that his eyes shot a few dozen, and at the stadium he saw hundreds killed. The other nodded in confirmation. Does the army understand that Delalic? They must have been drunk or stoned – was the answer of a man who went to hell…
So I, too, was in a number of provocateurs, which the guys almost got shot. When soiled, other provocateurs understand better…
About what happened next to the White house, I said in the editorial. In the media these testimonies were not wanted.
After a few weeks in the elections voted for a new Parliament and a new Constitution. The basic law has bungled in record time and adopted without debate, without criticism and amendments. Similarly, the colonialists pull the stupid laws the natives. And dictators make the laws for themselves…
The protest in December was a Grand victory for the liberal democratic party. “Russia, you’re crazy,” he yelled in live TV once popular essayist, lived under the military junta.
But muzzy is not Russia.
Muzzy its elite…
Common sense is rarely common in all.
Clothes, electronics, household goods were all right, they got free tax-free entrance into the country, and their businesses were uncompetitive.
From the country took all the money in the country to improve the standard of living carried import. Unable to compete, closed factories, hundreds of thousands turned out annually without jobs. Instead of increasing the standard of living in the country is rapidly plummeting.
A paradox, but foreign loans are not helped, and even more stoked the economy.
Then began a new stage of privatization, with the release of new owners from social obligations to employees, former business owners. Then there was election fraud, manipulation of black cash. Box from under the copier, which he didn’t caught the criminals, and those who were with them tried to fight.
It happens when “conspiracy Theory” can explain a problem better than no Plot. “The West” with advisers and loans certainly supported those who worked against the interests of the country. Who would want a strong state? People. Who needs a weak state that has violated the laws, the President and corrupt power? “Neighbors”…
Time was strange. The President, of course, remained an honest man. After all, booze, self-destruction is the human reaction to betrayal and injustice.
Being a hostage of circumstances, a man had saved humanity, only more losing it.
When you remember the 90’s, before me stands a swollen face a broken life of a man, whose weaknesses and vices led to the Supreme power. But the real power and responsibility for his mistakes – was not reward, but punishment.
I wonder happened: a stranger Cara – a common karma.

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The GULAG life-giving makes

Мюнхаузен“Johnny, do me a mounting”: “kiss” – “chick” – “baby”. This scheme, which the historians hide the historical process.

And when you ask a question: but that’s impossible! For example to build the Dragon rolls, on the level of technology and population, we are just talking about historians, it should be iron argument of Baron Munchausen on the question whether it is possible to pull yourself by the hair from a swamp: “you see, gentlemen – I’m with you!”

Once the Black sea is, then ancient ukry were able to dig him up. Wooden shovels. Continue reading “The GULAG life-giving makes”

Where the homeland starts?

This name and the beginning of the song that probably everyone knows. Who taught or listened to, that remembers that this same phrase and it ends. For each it is something different, unique. Same people there, thank God. Where the city starts? Earlier in the Urals from the factory, with dam. From different parts of the city working people flocked to shift at a factory shop. Later, the industrial enterprises placed on the outskirts of the city and the historic centre, tended to become a place for townspeople.
In place of a mass congestion of people the authorities tried to set the monuments, sculptures in honor of the famous public figures, local figures of science and art. In this regard, the centre has become a magnet for meanings, and it is important that it will be located. In the Central square of our city the monument to Lenin. The leader of the world proletariat, the leader of the great October socialist revolution, managed to put together going to pieces the Russian Republic – the heir to the Russian Empire and child February bourgeois revolution.

And there was also a monument to the order of Lenin, red banner group. But 20 years after the destruction of the Soviets, in 2013, was destroyed and AlMg. This is understandable, in a country where fully gave up the ideas, replacing them with worship of the Golden calf, a reminder of the heroism of Soviet people, about the once mighty industry, was an eyesore. The playwright, a betrayal of the memory of ancestors, hatred compatriots made “strangers among friends” to get rid of the monument.

Instead we see how the city just becomes a sweet dream purchasers. One by one, without tiring, there are shopping malls. When there are no higher meanings of existence, the only thing that remains not to be tired from life, it’s fun. Some would say that shopping centres is convenient. And I would agree. But you will agree that the number of shopping malls in Yekaterinburg prohibitive. Recently opened the new Reichstag building “Passage”.

Become people and people become the consumers. Buildings that could be gyms, arenas, houses of creative development does not produce anything except of endorphins purchasers.
And isn’t that the meaning and the key of the city? So where begins the city is the birthplace of everyone who was born or decided to link their fate with him?

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