Another smart house in a few parts. Weather station from scrap materials

Looking through the various projects of weather stations, I noticed a trend. This sensor, temperature and humidity, most beloved Chinese DHT-11 or DHT-22, which add either a light sensor (weather Station on Arduino with data visualization) or pressure (Ethernet station), or the purchase heaped many hundred dollars basedAutomatic weather station in the country)

As for me personally — weather station without measuring the direction and speed of wind is not a meteorological station, and to spend about 700USD on a large toy, I’m not ready, it was decided to make like a “honey-fancy” but zanedorogo.
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How and why you’re being watched by Google, Facebook and Microsoft

Did you know that Google will retain forever every your search requestand was Inbox in Google Mail gives you the ability to associate the searches with your real name? This collection of personal information gives the opportunity to show you personally that is that you most likely interested.

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Kissinger. :-)

Original taken from avvakoum in Kissinger. 🙂

Wanted to avoid comment on this topic, but ran on the Runet, and, I think, necessary. In addition to the PM came a few requests, and I may not break. So what do you say as you can see, do not be angry, if that.

Fact 1. Kissinger is the heaviest caliber. Tectonic. He’s old and not going anywhere. The kiss is leading these negotiations, where there is seemingly matches the interests of the parties neither at the operational nor at the tactical level. But there are strategic vectors.
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Originally posted by arpadhaizy at Need help (to me personally)

Original taken from kolybanov in Need help (to me personally)

Overall for the month that this post hangs in promolot nothing I have not found anything real and I was not offered. At the same time my circumstances have significantly worsened. So, forced to turn to mutual friends and just reading my blog. If you can’t offer in accordance with the Declaration, then just make repost this record on all the resources where can. Well, can not be more than 6000000 users of LiveJournal and more than 100000000 users of the Runet, no one would have any suggestions. Well, some condemn me for what I am asking. Answer. Ashamed to STEAL, what we are doing today is very many, instead of asking. I hope for understanding.

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CO2 sensor — a device which can tell you when to ventilate, so it was thought better


Remember, on habré in section GTD was a curious article from BarsMonster about that, other than laziness, procrastination and problems with scheduling can interfere with effective work and life?
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