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The practical use of ROS on the Raspberry Pi — part 2

Good day, dear readers Habra! This is the second installment of articles about the practical use of ROS on the Raspberry Pi. In the first article series, I described the installation of a required component of ROS and configuring a working environment to work.

In the second part of the cycle we will start the practical using the capabilities of ROS on the Raspberry Pi platform. Specifically in this article I’m going to talk about using the camera Raspberry Pi Camera Board on the Raspberry Pi in conjunction with ROS for solving problems of computer vision. Anyone interested please under cat.
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Let’s help to Santa.(repost) – about the Ogre lawyer.

Original taken from sell_off to Help the grandfather.(repost) – about the Ogre lawyer.

20 SMS who could write only women

Original taken from vsegda_tvoj in 20 SMS who could write only women

Women are wonderful, unpredictable and delightful creatures that can surprise even ourselves, to say nothing of the rest of humanity. All the variety a girl’s world is manifested in the TEXTS girls send her friends and foes, men and simply close people.

20 SMS who could write only women. And, you know, they are amazing.
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January 11, 2016. Donetsk. About this and that and what – what we POST and Write on his page in LiveJournal

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